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Employers Try to Recruit Workers at Job Fair

0422jobfair270It's becoming a tougher economy in Meaford, with businesses struggling to recruit the workers they need.

That's why the Meaford Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality of Meaford teamed up to sponsor a job fair on April 22 at the Meaford and St. Vincent Community Centre.

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Reviews by Suz: Pizza Pizzazz at Amici Pizzeria and Family Restaurant

pizza1It's Saturday evening, and we're in the mood for pizza.

Earl and I are kind of fussy about pizza, and have experimented with doughs and toppings – did I mention that Earl built us a wood-fired pizza oven in the backyard about eight years ago? The problem with a pizza oven is that it takes quite a while to come up to a high enough temperature, especially in the winter, and weather is a factor as well – standing out in the snow or freezing rain is no fun. So generally we are pizza-challenged for a good six months of the year. It's the end of March, and we feel the need – the need for pizza.

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