Best of Luck to Canada's Olympic Team – But I Won't be Watching

StephenVance 540The latest round of the Summer Olympic Games will soon be upon us, and whenever the Olympics roll around I am reminded how fortunate I am to not have cable television.

I axed cable from my life about 20 years ago and I have never regretted it – though I occasionally find myself out of the loop, or not understanding the punchline to a joke when in the company of folks who are discussing the latest and greatest television program, resulting quizzical looks from people who simply can't believe that I have no idea what they are talking about.

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Skateboard Bylaw Should be Repealed

StephenVance 540Many in this community might not be aware that the use of skateboards on Meaford roads is prohibited. Surprised? So was I when I first became aware of a 30 year old bylaw that says just that.

Bylaw 24-87, which was approved by the Town of Meaford council in June of 1987, is one of those legacy bylaws that should be repealed.

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Transit Plan Timely and Necessary

StephenVance 540The plan approved by Meaford's council on July 4 to run an in-town public transit pilot project, and to explore the possibility of establishing transit service to the neighbouring communities of Owen Sound and the Blue Mountains is a step in the right direction for this municipality.

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