Approach of Coming Infrastructure Nightmare Gaining Speed

StephenVance 540I'm sometimes criticized for spending too much time ringing the infrastructure alarm bell, but I remain convinced that the 'infrastructure nightmare' I've often referred to is not only coming our way, it is already here, and the latest update on the state of Meaford's bridge infrastructure is yet another example of that fact.

As council learned this week, the 80 bridges in this municipality are ageing to the point that some serious decisions have to be made, and some serious funding will need to be found to address some $30 million in required bridge rehabilitation and repair over the next ten years. 

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Does Meaford Need More Off-Leash Parks?

StephenVance 540When I first moved to Meaford nearly 11 years ago, one of the first things I noticed about the community was the number of dogs – they seemed to be everywhere I looked. Having moved here from a much larger urban centre, I wasn't used to seeing so many canines, and I confess I had a fleeting moment of regret about moving here.

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What is Driving Recent Increases in Criminal Activity?

StephenVance 540This community has been rightly concerned over the past week about the report of a home invasion style incident that took place in broad daylight last weekend.

According to police, last Saturday, shortly after lunch time, two men entered a home on Miller Street through an unlocked door and demanded cash from the homeowners.

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