Thursday, September 29, 2016

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A Small Stretch of Highway 26 Could Benefit From Lower Speed Limit

StephenVance 540I doubt that there are many of us who would enjoy sitting in our front yard while cars whizzed by at 90 kilometres per hour, but for some residents that is their reality. From talking to some homeowners on Highway 26 west of the urban area of Meaford on that stretch of the highway, from the outer fringe of the urban area through to Grey Road 112, the posted speed limit of 80 kilometres per hour (which we all know means actual speeds of 90, or even 100 kilometres per hour) should perhaps be revisited given the number of residential homes on each side of the highway.

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Council (Still) Foolish to Have Rejected Third Party Administration of Community Grant Fund

StephenVance 540On Monday Meaford's council proved once again that handing off the administration of the annual municipal community grants program to a third party just might not be such a bad idea.

In the past, council has had difficulty sticking to the eligibility requirements, and not wanting to say no to otherwise worthy causes they have approved grant requests that didn't quite meet the requirements. At other times, unnecessarily lengthy debates over a few dollars here and a few dollars there, or whether one request should be approved over another, have resulted in prolonged agony in the council chamber.

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Upper Levels of Government Need to Bolster (And Fast-track) Infrastructure Funding For Municipalities

StephenVance 540Week after week, it seems as if we hear our upper levels of government boasting about the billions upon billions of dollars that they will be spending on infrastructure, supposedly in the very near future. Being the 'infrastructure-nerd' that I am, I sure hope it's true, but even more, I hope that many of those billions of dollars will be destined to municipalities, which are arguably in the greatest need of large injections of infrastructure funds.

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