Join us For Another Memorial Park Clean-up on April 24

StephenVance 540After a long, cold, then warm, snowy, then not, winter, the first hints of true Spring weather appear to be just around the corner. The snow that accumulated over the past few months is nearly gone, revealing lawns and sidewalks – and of course, more trash than any of us would like to see.

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Annual Community Awards a Celebration of Some of the Reasons We Love Living Here

StephenVance 540This weekend Meaford's businesses, organizations, and community-minded residents will be showcased at the annual Community Awards hosted by the Meaford Chamber of Commerce. The event will also feature the awarding of the Rotary Club's annual Citizen of the Year (and new this year, the Jr. Citizen of the Year).

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Why do People Still Drink and Drive?

StephenVance 540On Tuesday of this week the sentence for a drunk driver who got behind the wheel of his vehicle - killing a grandfather and his three grandchildren - was handed down: ten years. Ten years for ripping the lives away from four of his fellow citizens, and seriously injuring the grandmother and great-grandmother of those three children. Not to mention the life-long damage done to a family that didn't deserve to have their lives turned upside down because of the irresponsible criminal acts of a selfish individual.

Ten years. It sounds like a long time, but is it enough?

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Expansions to CIP Incentive Program Make Sense, but Council Should Proceed With Caution Before Expanding to Residential Properties

StephenVance 540The expansion of the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) incentive program makes a lot of sense. The first years of the program provided grants for businesses in the CIP area to make improvements to their street-facing façades, and it proved to be popular, resulting in real and obvious improvements to several buildings in the downtown core.

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