Sometimes We Forget That We Live in a Small Town

StephenVance 540I've seen some comments on social media recently suggesting that there isn't enough for our kids to do in Meaford, and that the municipality should be pumping more money into programs for kids.

Some of those comments pointed to Collingwood and Owen Sound as examples of the kinds of services, facilities, and programs that should be available in Meaford. “Why should I have to drive to Collingwood for my kid to [insert activity here]?” was a common question being asked by those leaving comments.

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Should Residents Trust When the Municipality Seeks Their Input?

StephenVance 540Some Meaford residents should be forgiven if they opt out of participating in the newly announced branding initiative being undertaken by the municipality. It was only five years ago that dozens of businesses and individuals participated in a branding exercise that resulted in the adoption of the slogan 'The Other Big Apple', despite the participants and the community at large practically screaming from the rooftops, “We don't want to be known as The Other Big Apple!”

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Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

StephenVance 540Another year has come to an end, and what a year it has been in the Municipality of Meaford.

2015 was somewhat of a transition year in this municipality as a newly elected council with four rookies found their feet, while ratepayers hoped that the new councillors would stand by their campaign promises.

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Tinkering With Winter Road Maintenance Procedures Could Save a Few Bucks, But Should be Undertaken With Caution

StephenVance 540Cut costs, residents said repeatedly leading up to and throughout last year's municipal election campaign. Cutting costs and fixing our roads are common themes in the council chamber, and this winter, Meaford residents might just get a taste of what cutting costs truly looks and feels like when our roads department begins some tinkering with response times to snow accumulations and slippery road conditions in an effort to more accurately align the level of service with provincially mandated minimum maintenance standards.

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