Tuesday, December 12, 2017



A Teenager's Take on Attending His First Council Meeting

StephenVance 540Ah, summertime. The season most loved by teenagers far and wide. School is out, the beaches and parks are calling, the sound of skateboard wheels clicking across sidewalks is as common as the sounds of birds chirping. What could possibly be better than being a teenager during summer break? Where would a teenager rather be than by the water in July? How about a council meeting?

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Want to be Inclusive? Be Accessible

StephenVance 540Every important initiative needs champions, and champions of important initiatives are certainly worthy of recognition, so I was pleased when council recently adopted the Accessibility Recognition Program.

Accessibility has always been important, but it hasn't always been valued and it hasn't always been a priority. Only in recent history have governments placed proper emphasis on ensuring that those with physical disabilities have as equal access as is possible to structures and services as able-bodied folks, but there's still a long way to go, and with our ever aging population, it's becoming more and more important.

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Meaford's Financial Position Greatly Improved – But We're Not on Easy Street

StephenVance 540There's a lot less tension in the council chamber these days when the annual auditor's report of Meaford's finances is presented, and that's a good thing.

Many readers will remember the horrible position this municipality was in back in 2010, with some $3 million in accumulated deficits that had to be dealt with by draining municipal reserve accounts to virtually nothing, combined with great concern among many residents about the growing long-term debt.

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StephenVance 540If you thought that the close of my July 6 editorial 'Still a Long Road Before We Know if Former Foodland Building is Suitable For a Library' seemed a little harsh, you're right and it wasn't meant to be – I screwed up.

With a busy short week last week thanks to the Canada Day holiday, I found myself rushing a time or two, and I didn't even realize I had messed up the closing of my editorial until after it had already been published, and then a sleepless weekend ensued.

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