Sunday, September 25, 2016

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Does Meaford Need More Off-Leash Parks?

StephenVance 540When I first moved to Meaford nearly 11 years ago, one of the first things I noticed about the community was the number of dogs – they seemed to be everywhere I looked. Having moved here from a much larger urban centre, I wasn't used to seeing so many canines, and I confess I had a fleeting moment of regret about moving here.

It isn't that I don't like dogs, or at least it isn't that I don't want to not like dogs, I truly wish I could love them as much as everybody else in this town seems to; it would certainly make my life easier. The reality is that I have a deep fear of any dog, no matter the size, no matter the breed, and certainly no matter if the dog's owner uses those famous last words – don't worry, he won't bite.

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No, I Wasn't Condoning Crime, or Making Excuses For Criminals...

StephenVance 540It seems my editorial last week got some folks out of sorts – at least that's what I gather from some of the comments I saw on social media websites over the weekend.

Now, I don't mind being called an idiot, I'm not overly bothered by being called a bleeding-heart socialist, as one Twitterer (is that what they are?) referred to me, and I don't get overly offended at having my words referred to as 'psycho-babble', but I am concerned that some seemed to think that my suggesting that perhaps increases in certain types of crime might be the result of the increased difficulty in earning a living wage, was somehow condoning crime, or making excuses for criminals. It wasn't, and I specifically said so in that editorial.

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What is Driving Recent Increases in Criminal Activity?

StephenVance 540This community has been rightly concerned over the past week about the report of a home invasion style incident that took place in broad daylight last weekend.

According to police, last Saturday, shortly after lunch time, two men entered a home on Miller Street through an unlocked door and demanded cash from the homeowners.

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Proposed Assisted Dying Law Another Sign of a Maturing Canada

StephenVance 540We may be a young nation by worldly standards, but compared to our neighbours to the south, Canada is pretty mature when it comes to social issues, and the proposed doctor-assisted dying bill announced last week is yet another example.

Yes, the bill is the result of a Supreme Court ruling that struck down a ban on assisted death. The government was essentially ordered to come up with a new law that would allow people who are suffering through serious, incurable illness with no hope for improvement, but instead will experience irreversible decline in their physical or mental state that is intolerable, but the reason for striking down the old law was largely due to the changing views of Canadians – and that is a healthy way to develop new laws.

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