The Race Toward the White House Makes Me Feel Proud to be Canadian, But For How Long?

StephenVance 540Being a politics junkie has its downside – especially in presidential election years south of the border. I get sucked in. I log on to The Young Turks (TYT) website to follow every Republican and Democratic debate and town hall. I jump between the TYT website and the MSNBC website and CBS and so on, on primary and caucus nights. For me it's a break from municipal politics, and it's part political interest, part entertainment.

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Service Delivery Review Will Likely Create Some Friction, But It Needs to be Done

StephenVance 540With the massive study into the services delivered by the municipality set to begin in less than two months, residents might want to brace themselves for a reality check.

Many residents have been calling for such a review for years, in large part based on the belief that the municipality is over-staffed, causing Meaford ratepayers to be over-taxed.

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Our Councillors Don't Earn Nearly As Much As Some Seem to Think

StephenVance 540One of the most common criticisms I hear about our members of municipal council is also the most inaccurate criticism I hear – that our councillors make too much money, and they should take a pay cut before ever raising taxes.

Council should slash their pay before increasing taxes,” is a commonly held belief, particularly around budget time. “Our councillors are over-paid,” is another commonly heard complaint. I've also heard a time or two that “councillors are just in it for the money.”

All such statements are simply untrue.

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