Tinkering With Winter Road Maintenance Procedures Could Save a Few Bucks, But Should be Undertaken With Caution

StephenVance 540Cut costs, residents said repeatedly leading up to and throughout last year's municipal election campaign. Cutting costs and fixing our roads are common themes in the council chamber, and this winter, Meaford residents might just get a taste of what cutting costs truly looks and feels like when our roads department begins some tinkering with response times to snow accumulations and slippery road conditions in an effort to more accurately align the level of service with provincially mandated minimum maintenance standards.

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Progress Made by Current Council Still Tarnished by Legacy Issues

StephenVance 540Not to suggest that serving on a municipal council should be a walk in the park, but it has to be a frustrating enough job to begin with, let alone having to answer for the decisions and mistakes of previous councils.

This municipal budget season has been a bit of a yawn-fest, which is a good thing actually. Municipal reserves have largely been replenished over the last few years, long-term debt has been slowly inching downward, and no new debt has been taken on by the municipality in recent history.

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Council Should Focus on Needs Not Wants

StephenVance bw 225w 200hLater this month, Meaford's council will vote to approve the 2016 municipal budgets – that is if they're done adding items. At their last meeting, our group of seven councillors almost seemed to be competing to add to the proposed increase in the 2016 operating budget, which as of the end of the November 23 meeting had risen from 1.2 percent to 2.084 percent in what seemed a matter of minutes. One councillor suggested that the increase should probably be increased to three percent if we ever plan to get ahead of the massive infrastructure needs in the coming years.

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Should the Georgian Trail Board be Dissolved?

StephenVance bw 225w 200hAt the Monday, November 23 council meeting, a notice of motion was made by Councillor Jaden Calvert that in part makes perfect sense, but a paragraph at the end of the notice of motion makes far less sense.

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