Monday, July 23, 2018



Start of School Year Doesn't Need to be End of Fun

MeBWmediaThe beach bags have been traded in for backpacks as the children head back to school this week after a summer filled with fun and freedom.


This is a week that is always filled with mixed emotions for both parents and students.


While some students will be less than thrilled to shift from leisurely days of skateboarding or skipping stones on the river to lessons in mathematics, others woke up this morning excited to head back to class.


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The Sky Isn't Falling Folks - But Do Carry An Umbrella

MeBWmediaWe've taken some heat recently at The Meaford Independent for our series of articles profiling municipal employees.


“What's with the apologist crap in The Independent?” one reader wrote in a message in reference to a profile of Meaford Treasurer David Kennedy.


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Canada Day Celebrations Prove Value of Community Input

MeBWmediaThey promised a Canada Day bash to remember, and the collection of community groups who worked tirelessly to put it all together certainly delivered.


Residents and tourists gathered in large numbers in the heart of urban Meaford from the moment that the pancakes hit the grill early in the morning, until the last firework exploded over the harbour late in the evening.


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You Aren't Being Lied To - Honestly

MeBWmediaAs frustrating and unnecessary as it may seem, we really do have to question everything we see and hear. It shouldn't have to be that way, but it is.


When I was much younger I accepted that most people are honest, and I didn't spend a whole lot of time questioning information that was presented to me. As time has gone on however, I have become more and more skeptical of everything I am being told in media, by our politicians, by corporations, and even by friends and family.


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