Sunday, January 21, 2018



Timing is Everything

MeBWmediaMeaford voters have elected a new council that features four new members, but it would seem that some things just aren't going to change in the near future.


Throughout the campaign many voters expressed frustration about the number of lawsuits that the municipality is engaged in.


Well, we can add one more lawsuit to the mix.


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Thank You to All of Our Candidates

MeBWmediaOn Tuesday morning Meaford residents will wake up to a new council that will be installed in early December.


That new seven member council will feature at least four new members, and possibly five individuals will be taking a seat at the council table for the first time.


If you haven't voted yet, there is still time to deliver your ballot to the municipal office on Trowbridge Street. Ballots will be accepted at the municipal office until 8 pm on Monday October 25.


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Our Election Endorsement

MeBWmediaThere is a long tradition in the newspaper business of endorsing candidates come election season. This week newspapers across the province will no doubt be unveiling their preferred candidates for municipal councils in the upcoming election.


Naturally the question has been asked by many (mostly by candidates) if The Meaford Independent will participate in this long standing tradition.


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Own Your Words

MeBWmediaA couple of years ago there was a nasty anonymous blog making waves in Meaford. Much like the current blog that has surfaced during this election campaign, that blog had plenty of unkind, unsubstantiated things to say about members of Meaford council and of municipal staff.


The Sun Times ran a big story about it. They had contacted me because I had a blog that wasn't anonymous, and they wanted to come to my home, interview me, and take a photo for their story.


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