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...In With The New

MeBWmediaOn Monday December 6th at 5 pm at Meaford Hall, Meaford residents will be able to witness the inauguration of their new council.


The seven member council elected by Meaford residents on October 25th features a healthy cross-section of the Meaford demographic with councillors as young as 30 and others in their retirement years. The new council also includes three women, two rural representatives, and a broad spectrum of work experience.


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Hey Santa! Here's My Wish List

MeBWmediaDear Santa,


I know it is early but since you will be in Meaford on Saturday to kick off the annual Christmas Window Unveiling event, I thought I would prepare a wish list for you so that you could take it with you when you leave.


It was really hard to narrow down my list this year. I don't want to seem greedy, and really I don't want much this year, but some of what I am hoping to get will take a lot of work, so you might find the extra time helpful.


Anyway, here is my wish list:

Council, Conflict & Integrity

MeBWmediaWith Councillor Jim McPherson fresh off his mayoral campaign battle with Francis Richardson questioning why Richardson had chaired an in-camera meeting regarding the recent lawsuit filed against him personally which accuses the Mayor of abuse of power and failure to comply with conflict of interest rules, and Deputy Mayor Michael Traynor excusing himself from discussion of both the wind turbine moratorium resolution and a matter involving the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority, the question of conflict was front and centre at the Monday November 5 meeting of council.


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We're All Part of the Council Team

MeBWmediaI don't envy the seven members of the next council term which begins on December 1st. As with any government, there are many challenges ahead for this group of elected representatives, but with challenge comes the opportunity to shine.


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