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When it Comes to Municipal Finances, Give Credit Where Credit is Due

StephenVance 540Our current council, along with the council that served before it, deserve much credit for committing to taking on as little new debt as possible while chipping away at Meaford's long-term debt, which had grown to roughly $10 million at the start of this decade, and actually following through. As of the end of 2016, Meaford's long-term debt totals just shy of $7.4 million, roughly 25 percent of the maximum debt that Meaford is allowed to carry according to provincial rules, and 25 percent less than it was six years ago.

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“Just Two Toonies” Is Just Too Much

StephenVance 540Meaford councillor Shirley Keaveney rightfully questioned the $4 fare for Meaford's municipal transit bus at council this week, and I hope that once council receives a report from staff and they have time to reflect on the fare, they will opt to lower it.

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I Think I Need a News Vacation

StephenVance 540Some guys like fishing, others like watching sports, but me, I'm a news junkie. I watch and read news both local and international with the enthusiasm that many reserve for the Saturday night hockey game. But the events of the past few months have exhausted me and frazzled my brain, and I think I might need to give myself a news vacation – but not yet.

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Optics of 'Value Statement' For New Library Board a Little Blurred

StephenVance 540In the world of municipal politics, optics can be everything. That's why it was somewhat surprising that, before approving the five new library board members at council's Monday meeting, Mayor Barb Clumpus read a prepared statement carrying the title 'A Value Statement regarding Library Services for all residents of the Municipality of Meaford'.

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