Monday, April 23, 2018



GBHS Funding Crisis Another Example of Neglect of Rural Communities

StephenVance 540In recent years rural municipalities in Ontario have been, well, let's just be blunt, they've been getting screwed by upper levels of government, particularly the province.

It's no secret, we've all seen it happening before our eyes. Rural schools are being closed, long-term care beds are in jeopardy, and as we are all very well aware in this community, our hospitals in the GBHS, after years of posting surpluses, have been hobbled by a revised funding formula that has resulted in current and projected future deficits unless some fairly drastic measures are undertaken.

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Distracted Driving is the Drunk Driving of Our Generation

StephenVance 540Distracted driving is a topic that you will no doubt hear in the media with greater frequency in the coming weeks, months, and I suspect, years, and for good reason. Distracted driving kills. Distracted driving is this generation's impaired driving, and we have to stop.

Readers of this page are no strangers to my once (sometimes twice) every year or so rants about drinking and driving, and I feel the same about distracted driving, though I confess I have been a late adopter when it comes to keeping my hands off the Blackberry while driving.

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Mayor Right to Insist on Public Meeting on Hospital Issue

StephenVance 540Less than two months ago Grey Bruce Health Services pledged to host public engagement sessions this spring in order to allow residents to share their views and concerns about options being considered by the GBHS board, in their effort to find substantial cost savings in hopes of avoiding, or at least minimizing, projected deficits. In the weeks since, however, there has been no announcement of dates for those public input sessions, and at Monday's presentation to council GBHS CEO Lance Thurston indicated that there was no plan to host any at all.

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Sunshine List Season is on the Horizon – We Need to Adjust the Threshold, or Scrap it

StephenVance 540Sometime later this month articles about Ontario's 'Sunshine List' will once again be splashed across news outlets as the data for last year is published. I'm often asked my thoughts on the Sunshine List: my primary thought is that I wish people didn't get so worked up about it, and my secondary thought is that the Sunshine List is a fairly useless document these days, and it really should be updated or abandoned.

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