Transit Plan Timely and Necessary

StephenVance 540The plan approved by Meaford's council on July 4 to run an in-town public transit pilot project, and to explore the possibility of establishing transit service to the neighbouring communities of Owen Sound and the Blue Mountains is a step in the right direction for this municipality.

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Meaford Set to Celebrate Canada Day, And Where Better to do it?

StephenVance 540School has let out for summer, sandals and shorts have replaced the winter woolies (finally), the outdoor food vendors are into full swing, it must be time to celebrate another Canada Day.

I can't think of a better place to celebrate our fine nation than right here in Meaford. Sure, I'm biased, but with the festivities that have taken place in years past at our beautiful harbour and downtown area, Bognor, Leith, and neighbourhoods and hamlets in between, this municipality simply knows how to put on a fantastic Canada Day party.

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Have We Forgotten How to Read, or Have We Simply Become Lazy Readers?

StephenVance 540It's always frustrating to hear people communicating less than accurate information, and for a reporter, it can be downright irritating to hear people passing along inaccurate information while holding up your own article as their “proof”.

I've written about this in the past, but given what I've been hearing in the last few days, it's time for another reminder, that the most important job a reader has is to actually read.

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