Thursday, February 23, 2017



Library Board Fiasco Begs an Important Question

StephenVance 540An important unanswered question in the wake of last week's library board fiasco is just how was council able to prepare a plan after all five volunteer library board members resigned on Monday and Tuesday of last week, execute the plan, then have a bylaw prepared with the names of four people to appoint to the board by Thursday morning, all without any sort of open council meeting?

The CAO says that, “On (Wednesday) December 14, 2016, staff provided our best advice to Council to deal with a very unique and emergency situation regarding the Meaford Public Library.”

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Dear Santa, It's Me Again...

StephenVance 540Hey Santa,

It's that time of year again when I send you a quick note with my annual wish list (I can't let all those Grade 3 kids on pages 6 and 7 of this week's print paper beat me to it!). I hope all is well up in the North Pole, and that Mrs. Claus and those reindeer are doing fine.

Now I know I don't celebrate Christmas myself, but my community does, or at least that's what all those sparkling lights and wreaths downtown tell me, so I hope you'll consider my wish list just the same.

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What We Really Need is a Regional Library System

StephenVance 540Unless an agreement can be reached very, very soon residents in the Sydenham area of the municipality will lose their long-held library privileges at the Owen Sound North Grey Union Public Library. Should that happen (and by absolutely no means should Meaford's council allow that to happen) residents of the former Sydenham Township will have every right to be furious, but the reality is we shouldn't even be in this mess at all.

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We Shouldn't Need the Holiday Season to Remind Us But... Don't Drink & Drive

StephenVance 540December has arrived, the holiday season is upon us. Colourful lights twinkle in the night, storefronts are adorned with shiny displays, carols stream through unseen speakers... and as at any other time of year, moronic idiots continue to drink and drive.

Sorry, did 'moronic idiots' sound a little harsh? How about selfish potential murderers? Vehicular terrorists?

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