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County Road Snow Conditions - Kudos and Darts


Last night (March 1) was one of the biggest snowfalls we have seen in a very long time. March 1, 2016 definitely came in as a Lion (looking forward to the Lamb). We live near Walters Falls, the snow capital, high atop the Niagara Escarpment ... a beautiful part of God's country.

Although travelling in heavy snow or storm conditions is not advisable, my wife and I felt it was necessary because my mother was in CCU with a heart attack. As we set out in the morning for Owen Sound, the roads were snow covered but visibility was good. We were concerned that no snow ploughs had been out, and driving was quite rutted, but we thought the ploughs would likely come along soon.

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In Defense of Volunteers

Dear Sir,

Why don't they practise what they preach?

I quote:

“The active and full engagement of residents in the structure of their community is a strength that contributes to overall health and well-being…”

“My priority will be to revitalize community pride by re-engaging and celebrating the skills, experiences and efforts of volunteers...”

At the January meeting between MOM's senior staff and the volunteer 'Friends of Woodford Hall', to discuss the future governance of Woodford Hall, there were some remarks allegedly made by our CAO, Ms Denyse Morrissey, and the Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture, Mr. Dan Buttineau, which were so disturbing as to cause a mass resignation of these dedicated volunteers. I say allegedly because I was not present, but after investigative interviews, I have no doubt that these allegations of remarks and improper actions by our senior staff are true.

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Will For The People, By The People Prevail in US Election?


This is not the typical item for The Meaford Independent but, we will have to live with the outcome of the US election.

It could be easy for us in Canada or life could get very difficult. Snowbirds might have to re-think their life styles.

I generally make a point of not reading Fox News posts but this popped up in my news feed.. It is interesting...

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