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A Thank You From the Golden Town Outreach

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On behalf of the Golden Town Outreach, many thanks to all the dedicated, compassionate volunteers that are part of everything that we offer. From those who help with the food bank, to those who help with the community gardens, cooking classes and Second Harvests program, our community benefits from the work you do.

I also extend a thank you to all the dedicated volunteers in our community who serve our community from the space of love. We must work together and help each other the best we can in the ebb and flow of life, because we are all in this together. Remember, in order to be of best of service to all, we must truly love ourselves.

Jaden Calvert

Co-chair, Golden Town Outreach

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Thoughts on Rural Issues

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The recent TMI editorial advising council to take rural Meaford concerns seriously made many valid points and observations. I would like to comment on these in simple point form:

Lacklustre attendance at budget public review meetings”

  • poor weather

  • terrible communications for rural residents who get their news from Owen Sound media

  • night driving a big deal for retirees

  • farmers too busy

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'MOM' Issues

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Dear Sir,

This has been a really bad winter weather-wise and it is obvious that the usually perceptive brains in MOM (Municipality of Meaford) are not fully awake. The KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle appears to be no longer used especially when discussing our local library and high school.

Firstly, the library and the high school are and should be two distinct and separate discussions. We have an ancient crumbling non-functional library building providing a service required by law, to an average of 330 visitors of all ages a day. Meaford library provides far more activities than mere book lending but because of its physical limitations, it cannot truly become a 21st century place of learning for residents of all ages. So, the question should be, do we really want a modern library in line with the provincial government's just-announced 'hub' concept or not?

After full open debates with arguments by both sides, a decision can be made but whatever choice is made, pro or con for the library, it must be a stand alone decision based on what is best for MOM's residents and not because it may or may not keep the high school open.

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