Tuesday, October 17, 2017


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It Takes a Community to Rebuild an Opera House


On Saturday, May 6, many of us attended a special evening at our beautiful Meaford Hall. It was to celebrate the 'Balcony Grand Re-opening Ceremony'.

I want to thank and compliment the Meaford Hall and Cultural Foundation for completing this balcony seating project. It is well done and is a real asset to our hall. If I have any complaints about that evening, it would be that every time something was mentioned about 'The Hall' it was as if the conversion of the old 'Opera House' was strictly due to the efforts of the Meaford Hall and Cultural Foundation. That is very disappointing for a lot of people in Meaford and vicinity who successfully helped to run the Georgian Theatre Festival in repertory for a total of ten years… and then not receive even an 'honourable mention' at the final completion of this project!

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Concern About Attracting Visitors & New Residents

Dear Sir,

Recently I attended a luncheon where the guests of honour were former long-time Meaford residents. They were visiting with the possible intention of returning to Meaford to live here permanently. However, they were shocked with the present state of urban Meaford, namely the derelict buildings, pot-holed roads, and empty stores. Needless to say, they will not be residing in Meaford in the future.

Another friend commented that the main street in the town of Meaford was 'bookended' by two abandoned buildings and yet another acquaintance complained about the impression that the town's terrible roads had on tourists.

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Waiting For Meaford Council To Ask Questions About Projected Savings From LED Lights


Absolutely delighted to see that Mayor Paul Eagleson of Arran-Elderslie has asked for clarification on the claimed payback of a 2015-16 switch of streetlight bulbs to LED. The project cost $562,000 and was sold on the basis of a five-year payback, so in my simplistic mind the savings should be in the order of $115,000 per year. I’m guessing that the mayor found that the reported savings for last year of $8,355.94 didn’t quite seem right.

Energy use definitely dropped but Ontario’s obscenely outrageous billing leaves one baffled. Their August 2016 charge for electrical power for these LEDs was for $476.97 consumption, however, the final bill was $11,401.42. The extra $11,000 was for delivery, debt retirement, global adjustment, and then HST. If you do not know what global adjustment is, think, carbon tax, cap and trade, Paris Accord, UN, our dollars going overseas.

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