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Foodland Closure Not a Disaster


Yes... It is sad that some jobs may be lost... Though I suspect that good workers will be offered jobs in the area so 20 lost jobs may not be the final tally.

Yes... It is sad that people in the downtown core may have to take a taxi or drive to other stores... This adds to their costs and for people on limited budgets this is a real issue. But other stores have better selections and more competitive prices.

Yes... The store is an anchor and tradition for the downtown business and may help drive traffic to those downtown businesses. Depending on what business or service uses that space, this may not become an issue at all.

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Reader Offers Thoughts on Pending Closure of Foodland


The news of the downtown FOODLAND store closing in August is devastating to all residents who have chosen to live in this beautiful town where they are able to do their shopping LOCALLY and without use of motorized vehicles. It must be obvious to corporate SOBEYS and our Town politicians that seniors and handicapped customers make up a large part of the FOODLAND customers.

The closing statement by SOBEY Communications Manager Vicki Leung, is the usual corporate bafflegab. It is not clear WHY the store is being closed, other than the assumption that the new FOODLAND store in Thornbury does not like another FOODLAND as close as Meaford.

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What is Council's Plan of Action Regarding Foodland Closure?

Dear Editor,

I was very surprised and saddened to read your article regarding the IGA (now Foodland) closing. This is particularly distressing not only for the points raised in your article, but also for the community as a whole.

Aside from the loss of twenty jobs, I think also most worrisome is the loss to the many downtown residents and seniors who frequent the store and do not have the means or transportation to travel to other locations. When shopping in the store also I have noticed that many customers are seniors and/or rely on assistive devices to navigate the downtown.

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