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High Meaford Taxes Impact Purchasing Power

Dear Editor,

Everyone likes a "deal". We wait for a day or two or even drive few kilometers to save a few pennies per litre of gas. We line up for sales, buy lots when the price is right.

Well, if you live in Meaford, you're already behind the eight ball. For those who live in Blue Mountains or Grey Highlands, just to name a couple, they have more money after they pay their property taxes to get those bargains.

How much you say? BMA Consulting reviews the taxes of several Ontario municipalities, using "like" properties of a 1,200 square foot bungalow. For this survey, Grey Highlands taxes were $2,026, Meaford at $2,647 and Blue Mountains at $2,360.

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Thoughts on Municipal Salary Costs


You recently reprinted the Mayor’s message, re: “certain misrepresentations about the budget by some residents.” In the interest of fairness and objective reporting, I along with other residents, especially rural residents, want to point out that, yes we agree that there was a mistake wherein a letter writer said the salaries were approximately $6,500,000. Senior management uses the Full Time Equivalent of 80 employees. This works out to over $80,000 per employee which includes all benefits to the labour force of the municipality, so in effect she was correct.

However, in reporting the actual salaries of full time staff at $3,954,479 in the 2016 budget, she fails to indicate that the average salary of the 59 full time employees is $67,025. With benefits of roughly 20%, the average total wages and benefits up to over $80,000 per full time employee.

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Reader Pleased to Have Councillor Speak Out About Winter Road Maintenance


I'm happy that Tony Bell speaks on my behalf about snow plowing. Urban dwellers of the municipality may be concerned about other issues.

You wrote: "If a ratepayer... err, sorry, voter, were to phone to complain about the colour of the water tower, or about the public skating hours at the arena, would the good councillor feel the need to get on the horn and call a staffer at home?"

The colour of the water tower or public skating times do not affect my health and safety. Snow plugged roads do.

Trevor Davies, Annan

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