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Environmental or Social Costs of Trade Deals Remain Ours to Pay For


In the April 28, 2016 issue of the Independent, Editor Stephen Vance laments the increase in crime in our communities and looks at the causes as he sees them.

Not much to argue about: loss of decent jobs, declining wages, and resulting consequences such as assaults and domestic disturbances. He nails it in this paragraph, quote: “This is where our economy has been heading for a few decades now. Gone are the solid, secure, well-paying manufacturing jobs, and instead we’ve got low-paying precarious service jobs that don’t provide enough hours or income to provide a decent living.” End of quote.

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Re-Use Fair Organizers Hoping to Return Potentially Valuable Guitar


Among almost a ton of items donated to the RE-Use Fair on Saturday, April 23rd, someone passed on a guitar that may have some monetary value.

If you are that individual, please get in touch. Have some proof that you are the kind person who added this item to the wealth of treasures that changed hands that sunny & cool Saturday morning.

Lindy Iversen, RE-Use & ECO-Fair 519-538-0167

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Reader Rebuts Message From Mayor


After reading the mayor's letter of April 21, I'm compelled to write a rebuttal to correct some information she wrote about our neighbour to the south, Grey Highlands.

First, contrary to her letter, Grey Highlands does have a museum, plus three libraries, and four arenas.

Second, Grey Highlands does not contract out their planning and building services. Grey Highlands has a planning and building services department which is funded by agreement that provides those services to Chatsworth, West Grey, and Southgate.

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