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Council Has Lost Sight of Concerns of Voters

Dear Sir,

At the last municipal election just over a year ago, the three main concerns of the voters were Reduce taxes, Road conditions, and Review staff levels.

Reduce Taxes. The 2015 budget was rushed into being by staff before the new council had a chance to acclimatize themselves to their new positions. I emphasize the fact that the budget was 'rushed' into being. A delay of ONE single day would have seen Grey County return $329,000 to MOM's coffers which should have resulted, if council was serious about reducing taxes, in a 0% tax increase for the year. Neighbouring municipalities also received refunds which in most cases were returned to the taxpayers.

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We Wisely Created Meaford’s Historic District - Now Let’s Respect It


There is a great deal of misinformation circulating around Meaford concerning the proposed Sykes Street development. This is counterproductive if we are to have a constructive conversation about the merits of the proposed development.

I am a proponent of development, particularly in Meaford where the local economy needs a boost – and where our downtown buildings are in dire need of repair. It is because of my keen interest in local development that I recently joined the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO) Meaford.

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Local Addiction Treatment Centre For Adolescents Closes


The Seven Bridges Treatment Centre for children with addictions and concurrent mental health issues, at Paisley, Ontario, has been forced to close down.

Following an eight months implementation period the license was granted for 24 children ages 14 to19.

Six weeks ago we received that license from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and had reasonable expectations of receiving referrals through the 49 Children Aid Societies in Ontario that are funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

Our operational plan was based on receiving these funds following the license being granted.
This did not happen and the centre ran out of funds.

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