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Reader Says New Canada Child Benefit Will Bring Economic Benefit to Local Communities


With the recent announcement of a new Canada Child Benefit, I decided to calculate how much of an impact this will have in our Bruce Grey - Owen Sound riding. After all, a big part of this will be 'new' money flowing into our community that wasn't there before. This money will be spent by local residents in local stores, and circulated within our community.

So, how much money will be suddenly appearing in our community? While I haven't seen a front page announcement of this, it made me think, "What if we considered this, as we would a new employer who suddenly moved to town, promising full time jobs? Would this make the news? What if they were the size of E.C. King or Hobart Food? Would that make the news?"

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MP Miller: Canadian Firearms Owners Deserve a Transparent Classification Process


Law-abiding firearms owners in Canada have been pushed around for far too long by a backdoor classification system that gives the RCMP Firearms Program the ability to classify firearms and other components of firearms as prohibited and restricted with the stroke of a pen. The most recent reclassification of a cartridge magazine from non-restricted to prohibited status without any advance notification from the RCMP demonstrates the need for transparency.

Many firearms owners across Canada are still left scratching their heads at the recent prohibition on firearms magazines that are manufactured for the 10/22 Ruger platform. This is a cartridge magazine that is designed to be used in a low-caliber rifle and is owned by hundreds of thousands of firearms owners in Canada. However, just recently, the RCMP began the process of notifying police agencies and retail outlets behind the scenes that these are now prohibited devices in Canada. They did not provide any notice to firearms owners until after the fact. The RCMP has criminalized thousands of law-abiding individuals with the stroke of a pen for simply owning property that they purchased legally. In what world is this fair?

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Friends of the Meaford Library Install Their Own Wee Library

wee library270Editor,

The Friends of the Meaford Library wish to thank you for your excellent article on 'wee libraries' (June 14, 2016).

Because of that article we have installed a 'wee library' on the gate building at Memorial Park. It was initially stocked with children's books but is being widely used for others.

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