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MACA Expresses Concern About Proposed Cell Tower

Dear Editor,

It has just come to the attention of the Meaford Area Community Association (MACA) that there is a proposal in place for a Microwave Cell Tower to be erected at 71 Edwin Street East in Meaford by Rogers Communications.

This location is approximately 150m, as the crow flies, from Georgian Bay Secondary School (GBSS), and in the middle of a residential area. According to Rogers Communications, they are only required to provide notice to property owners within “three times the tower height”, which is 105m from the tower.

At first glance, you may not think that this is a problem, however, when you take a deeper look into the situation, I beg to differ.

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Reader Concerned About Proposed Cell Tower


I was enlightened to read Jim McPhersons' letter regarding the upcoming changes afforded to Municipalities vis-a-vis the placement of cell towers within residential areas.

While the rumour has been out there for quite some time about a proposed Rogers' tower on land leased by Knights Hardware, there has been no proactive information coming from Council that I am aware of. Other potentially contentious matters such as Police services have had large public meetings, and I read that another meeting is being lined up to discuss water tower repairs.

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Reader Responds to Letter Concerning Municipal Name


In response to our letter concerning the Municipal name,  R. Paul Kneeshaw of Kitchener misses the point by a league and a half.

His paean of effusive praise to Meaford, the town, may, or may not be warranted, but no one is out to relieve the town of Meaford of its original incorporated name.

The town is Meaford and all references to that name should be exclusive to the town.

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