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Coyotes Host 7th Annual Cross Country Race

coyotes 2017 meaford race 270On Craft Show Saturday, September 30, the Meaford Coyotes Track Club hosted their 7th annual cross country race at the Georgian Bay Community School athletic field.  

After strong and heavy rain pummelling the area the evening before, several large branches were dropped onto the race course.  A mad scramble by a very dedicated and hard working course set-up crew beginning in the early hours got the track ready to go right on schedule, with only minutes to spare.  

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Presidents Cup Preview

CameronBurechails2016 270The 2017 PGA tour season finished up this week with the Tour Championship. The final round saw numerous players take the lead, but eventually Xander Schauffele took the title with a one-stroke victory over Justin Thomas after a birdie on the 72nd hole of the championship.

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Curling Season Approaching

man curling 270There are many, many people who are avid watchers of curling on television, but have never actually played the game, yet it truly is one of the greatest participation sports on earth. Everyone on the team has to play their part for the overall success of the team, it's highly social, and also provides a wonderful source of exercise.

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Finding Your Wheelhouse

CameronBurechails2016 270To be a top performer in any sport, you need to be physically fit, coordinated, and have the ability to 'be in the zone'. Players on the PGA have all of these essential elements because they work very hard on both their physical as well as mental conditioning.

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