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ECMA Winner Irish Mythen Coming to Meaford Hall

Irish Mythen270True power inspires awe, and Irish Mythen packs a lot of it – lyrical, musical, and personal – into a relatively small frame. Mythen is a globetrotting troubadour – an Irish-born, contemporary Canadian folk artist who’s been amassing accolades and achievements across several continents over the years. She is a favorite at Mariposa Folk Fest – and she perfoms at Meaford Hall on Wednesday July 5 at 8pm.

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Travels with Suz: Canada 150

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Last fall, having a drink with our friends Kiki and Blaine, Kiki came up with the plan. What were we doing for Canada's 150th birthday, she asked. We mumbled something, as it was eight months away, and then she said, on July 1, what if we go to Cape Spear, the most easterly point in North America, and watch the sun rise? And then we race to the airport and catch a flight to British Columbia, and watch the sun set on the west coast of Vancouver Island? All on the same day – July 1. All of Canada, in one day. Sea to shining sea.

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Meaford Museum Has a Mystery to Solve

MeafordMuseumStainedGlass270Just in time for Canada's 150th Birthday, the Meaford Museum is looking for answers to a local Canadian mystery - How did a beautiful stained glass window of Sir John A. MacDonald, dating to the 1800s, end up in Meaford?

Museum staff received the window through a donation, but the history of the glass remains unknown. The window appears to be the only one of its type in existence in Canada, and museum staff have been unable to dig up any information on its history.

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