Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Community News

County Campaign Targeting Homelessness

Housing270This month, Grey County is running a five-day campaign to better understand homelessness in our communities and to connect those in need with supports and services.

From April 23-27, individuals and families who are without reliable shelter are encouraged to attend one of 13 drop-in hubs throughout the county.  Staff, partners and volunteers will inform attendees about programs and services and other supports.

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The Barn Coop Meets The Future With Values From The Past

the barn market 270Meaford’s Barn Cooperative, an eye-catching landmark on Highway 26 at the east end of Meaford, has ambitions to meet the challenges of our present and future world with a new business model that, in the words of Chairwoman Candice Newmaster, is “pre-emptive and sets in place systems that protect what we have and encourage us to go back to a higher quality of living.”

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The Pet Expert: Being a More Eco-Conscious Pet Owner

EcoConsciousPetOwner270Earth Day is this week, and people everywhere are choosing to find more planet-healthy alternatives to their everyday products. For pet owners, there are many ways to make a significant eco-friendly difference going forward. It all begins with knowing which products cause the most harm to our planet.

Here is my top 5 list of worst-offending environmental pet products:

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Earth Week Memorial Park Clean-up Postponed

mempk2016 instagram270With the mid-April snow and ice storm experienced in Meaford and throughout Ontario in the past week, organizers of the annual Earth Week clean-up of Memorial Park have decided to postpone the event until Saturday, May 5, the date of the community-wide clean-up initiative.

More snow and rain is in the forecast for the coming week making it impossible to conduct a cleanup, particularly in the forested areas of the park where volunteers also plan to dig up some invasive plant species.

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