Sunday, October 21, 2018


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Contestants in this year's Dragons' Den Meaford competition were presented with their winner's cheques and other prizes at a special appreciation event held by Meaford's Chamber of Commerce on November 26.

First place winner,Spencer Wareham received $4,000 in cash from the Dragons for a total of $15,525 in cash and prizes. Wareham also received the audience choice award giving him an additional $1,555 in cash and prizes to bring his total for the evening to $17,080. His business, Kilannan Brewing Company offers handcrafted ale and lager beers with a focus on quality ingredients and bold flavor.

As the second place winner, Daniel Caldwell took home $3,535 in cash and prizes. Daniel and his wife Christy own Sydenham Hill Farm Leather. Their focus is custom hand-made leather goods, priding themselves on quality customizations, and their ability to recycle and refurbish leather goods from times past.

Third place winner Bill Monahan received $600 from the Dragons. Monahan, the owner of HomeButtons, is planning to expand his home electronics businesses by offering independent living solutions throughCare Link Advantage, improving the quality of life for elders and their caregivers.

Fourth Place Winner Eric Wilson did not go home empty handed. He was presented with $500 from the dragons for his 3D printing business, Rapid-Fab. Eric’s business also provides complementary 3D Scanning and plastic molding. 

The final contestant, Lynne Lundberg also attended the event. Lynne is looking to start a new business focused on the needs of seniors as they transition to smaller homes.  Services will include the coordination and facilitation of estate sales, staging of current home, home repairs, moving arrangements, and planning of destination residence.

“The Chamber of Commerce thanks all of our contestants, dragons, sponsors and the organizing committee for making this show a model of a local business initiative that creates real results for our local economy. A special thanks goes to The Cheese Gallery and Sheila’s Sugar Sticky Sweet Stuff for providing delicious treats for the occasion,” said the Chamber of this year's event.

The Sixth Annual Dragons’ Den Meaford played to a nearly filled house on October 29, 2014 at Meaford Hall. Over $26,000 in cash and prizes were awarded by the Dragons and sponsors.

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