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Local Business Celebrates 20 Years, New Ownership


Meaford, like many small towns in Ontario, has experienced the loss of businesses from its downtown core. A walk along Sykes Street today reveals a growing number of empty storefronts, empty shells of former economic activity.

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Enjoy a Blizzard, Help Sick Kids

miracletreat2014When Dairy Queen customers purchase a Blizzard, the server holds the cup upside down to show how thick the ice cream creation is. When a child becomes ill with a serious condition, the lives of a whole family can be turned upside down, though it can be much tougher to hold everything together.

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The Big Apple Stays Where It Is

apple keaveneyThe Big Apple, located in the heart of Meaford’s downtown shopping area, has been the subject of much speculation over the past several months.

Council voted on December 9, 2013, to move Welcome Centre services in-house, no longer to be the responsibility of the Chamber of Commerce. Since 1974, the Chamber-owned Big Apple structure has been a highly visible icon in Meaford. Its future became a concern for many in the community when the Chamber announced that it would have to sell the Apple.

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