Being a Dad Has Brought Much to My Life

StephenVance 270Above all else I am a father to two fine boys, and with Father's Day upon us, and with one of my boys coming to Meaford for the weekend, I have been thinking about all of the things that being a father has brought to my life.

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If Your Road is Tar and Chip, Attend Council and Demand Asphalt

StephenVance 270If you live on a rural road surfaced with tar and chip, I would encourage you to round up your neighbours, head to the next council meeting and demand a commitment from council for an upgrade to asphalt when it's your road's turn for resurfacing. Why? Well, because that's what some folks on Concession A did, and it worked for them, and so it should work for you, right?

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How Lost We Are When the Power Goes Out

StephenVance 270As far as Victoria Day long weekends go, the one we just experienced was certainly on the chilly side compared to many years, and though we did see some sunshine, it was mixed with overcast skies and periods of rain. In Meaford, the long weekend was capped off with a power outage which got me thinking how lost we are these days when the lights go out.

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