Tuesday, October 16, 2018



When it Comes to Respect, You Get What You Give

MeBWmediaI don't envy members of our Meaford Council.


While the first year of their current term - with the exception of the ever-present wind turbine issue - was a fairly tepid one, in the first weeks of 2012 councillors must feel like they have been thrown into a pot of boiling water.


Residents upset about a proposed waste to energy facility, calls for council to do more to protect our heritage buildings, an order to pay more than $600,000 in legal costs to the defendants in the Georgian Beach Road case, the debate about whether to continue with the Georgian Beach Road appeal, the resignation of CAO Frank Miele, the list of important and serious issues being dropped in the laps of our councillors is growing.


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Outrage Over Waste to Energy Proposal Could Have Been Avoided

MeBWmediaThe controversy and public angst over a proposed waste to energy facility in the Municipality of Meaford need never have happened at all, and though he might not know it, my eight year old son can tell you why.


The other day I watched with fatherly pride as my son set about creating a very intricate battle scene with his large collection of knights, wizards and dragons. With bamboo logs and dozens of rocks, he built protective walls around a multi-level structure at the top of which a king was housed inside a tent that also served as a command centre of sorts.


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Library Services A Must, But at What Cost? - Updated


*Please scroll to the bottom of this article to read some additional information added at the request of Meaford Councillor Deborah Young.

For many residents in all parts of our municipality, library services are an issue that bring about strong opinions and emotions – and rightly so.

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Excluding Some Media While Informing Others is Cowardly

MeBWmediaIn a column published last week, John Honderich, Chair of the Board for Torstar, the parent company of the Toronto Star outlined an ongoing battle between Canada's largest city newspaper and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.


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