Saturday, October 20, 2018



Murdoch at Queen's Park Was Almost Like Having an Independent Representative

MeBWmediaLast week our Member of Provincial Parliament, Bill Murdoch, bid farewell to Queen's Park after having served in the legislature for nearly 21 years.


It is not often that an MPP from a rural riding like ours is able to generate the kind of profile that Murdoch has.


Some call him a maverick, others call him a rabble-rouser, some have called him things that I can't print here.

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TMI Office Officially Open

tmiribboncutting_225On behalf of myself and TMI Publisher Susanne Wussow, I would like to thank the more than 70 people who turned out on Saturday June 4 to help The Meaford Independent celebrate the opening of our new office at the corner of Sykes and Boucher Streets in Meaford.


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Municipal Departments Should Not Be Allowed to Dip Into AMFAP Funding

MeBWmediaI love the Meaford Museum. For a community of our size to have such a fantastic facility on our beautiful waterfront for residents and tourists to visit is a wonderful thing. I take my children to the museum a few times each year and they are always asking to go back.


Museums are important to any community. They are the guardians of our past. They help showcase our roots and remind us of what life and society has been like as we have moved through history. 

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What To Do When You've Survived The Rapture

MeBWmediaI've been so conflicted over the last week not knowing whether I should be preparing for the first long weekend of the warm season or for the end of the world. Not that my packing list would have been much different for either.


Even though my fate according to those that believe such things would have been less than delightful should the rapture have occurred, I wasn't worried for a single moment. I mean, if you can endure a Meaford council meeting, you can certainly make it through the end-times relatively unscathed.


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