Sunday, September 23, 2018



What Should Really Be Asked About Blogger Issue


My poor computer was practically smoking today with the sudden burst of email that arrived after an article in the Sun Times informed readers that the municipality has backed off on its pledge to name the anonymous blogger who authored a website that was highly critical of Meaford Mayor Francis Richardson and some members of staff during the recent municipal election campaign.


Many of the comments from readers suggested that residents should band together and demand that the municipality reveal the name of the blogger now that they have confirmed the identity.


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Meaford Embracing The Digital Age, And That's a Good Thing

MeBWmediaThe Municipality of Meaford has moved into the social media age with the launching of their own Facebook page two weeks ago.


In addition to the municipal Facebook page, Meaford Hall, the Meaford Museum, and the Meaford Public Library have all created pages on the popular social networking site.


Initially popular for personal social networking, sites like Facebook are becoming increasingly valuable for businesses, organizations, and government agencies for the promotion of their websites, and to provide an environment to engage with users by allowing interactive discussion and commentary.


For Meaford, this a progressive step in the right direction.


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Embracing Our Differences

MeBWmediaAh Mother Nature. She is unpredictably moody, seems to have difficulty making up her mind, and can at times be more of a tease than... well... let's just leave it at that.


This past week in Meaford as the temperatures began to increase, and the snow slowly melted away, I found myself waking each morning excited about the gradual disappearance of these long winter months.


Yes, it is true, I am not a winter person. And like the 67 percent of respondents to the recent poll on The Independent, I am itching for spring to arrive.


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Teamwork Really Does Produce Results

MeBWmediaSomething happened at Meaford Hall on Tuesday evening that doesn't happen often enough in our community. Members of council, municipal staff, the Chamber of Commerce, and the community itself gathered to celebrate a significant achievement.


On Thursday of last week the Municipality of Meaford was presented with an award from the Economic Developers Council of Ontario (EDCO). The award was in recognition of the fine work done by members of our municipality in the creation of the Dragons' Den Meaford event.

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