Friday, September 21, 2018



Why We Shouldn't Complain About Water Rate Increases

MeBWmediaA lot goes on behind the scenes in order for the water to flow from your tap as you fill your kettle for your morning coffee. And in a post-Walkerton world, provincial legislation is making every attempt to ensure that the water that goes into that kettle is as safe as possible. But that safety which we have come to expect, carries a cost.


A lengthy but informative presentation to council on Monday January 10 by independent consultant Gary Scandlon of Watson & Associates, provided a snapshot of the hoops and hurdles that must be navigated in order for a municipality like Meaford to bring that water to our homes.


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Role of Member of Parliament: Law Maker, Not Law Breaker

kaisha_bwThis past weekend MP Larry Miller put forward a solution to the ever growing coyote problem, he stated that: “What the MNR needs to do when it comes to unregistered guns and what have you, they’ve got to start turning their heads the same way as they do with commercial fishermen that break the law.”


Not only are Mr Miller's comments about loose gun control insensitive when one considers the horrific events that occurred in Arizona this past weekend, but they are also ignorant.


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Happy Holidays From The Meaford Independent

MeBWmediaIt has been a heck of a year in Meaford!


With so much going on throughout the year in our little corner of the planet, it can be easy to forget that there is a world beyond our own problems. It can also be easy to forget that in the grand scheme, what we see as problems, aren't really all that earth shattering.


What are our problems exactly?


We live in a community that boasts a location that many in the world would envy. A beautiful waterfront, rich agricultural land, clean forests and trails, and safe streets that we can wander any time of the day or night.


Sounds like a pretty awful place.


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Consent Agenda Shouldn't be a Rubber Stamp Agenda

MeBWmediaThere was a stunning display of unity amongst our seven members of council on Wednesday, as they voted on blocks of resolutions without discussion or debate.


Along with the new procedural bylaw adopted by council at their inaugural meeting on December 6th comes a new method of conducting council meetings.


The changes in how our council meetings are conducted are designed to make meetings more efficient, and to move along more quickly. This is accomplished by moving to what is called a “consent agenda.”


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