Friday, September 21, 2018



Consent Agenda Shouldn't be a Rubber Stamp Agenda

MeBWmediaThere was a stunning display of unity amongst our seven members of council on Wednesday, as they voted on blocks of resolutions without discussion or debate.


Along with the new procedural bylaw adopted by council at their inaugural meeting on December 6th comes a new method of conducting council meetings.


The changes in how our council meetings are conducted are designed to make meetings more efficient, and to move along more quickly. This is accomplished by moving to what is called a “consent agenda.”


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Don't Let The New Procedural Bylaw Exclude You

MeBWmediaThe one bit of actual business that will take place at the inauguration ceremony for the new Meaford council on Monday December 6th at Meaford Hall will be the adoption of a new procedural bylaw.


If our new council is determined to re-gain the trust and support of the general public, then they might be wise to insist on holding off on passing this bylaw until some debate can be had about some of the details contained within it.


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...In With The New

MeBWmediaOn Monday December 6th at 5 pm at Meaford Hall, Meaford residents will be able to witness the inauguration of their new council.


The seven member council elected by Meaford residents on October 25th features a healthy cross-section of the Meaford demographic with councillors as young as 30 and others in their retirement years. The new council also includes three women, two rural representatives, and a broad spectrum of work experience.


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Hey Santa! Here's My Wish List

MeBWmediaDear Santa,


I know it is early but since you will be in Meaford on Saturday to kick off the annual Christmas Window Unveiling event, I thought I would prepare a wish list for you so that you could take it with you when you leave.


It was really hard to narrow down my list this year. I don't want to seem greedy, and really I don't want much this year, but some of what I am hoping to get will take a lot of work, so you might find the extra time helpful.


Anyway, here is my wish list:

  • trance

  • techno

  • synth-pop

  • soundtrack

  • smooth-jazz

  • rock

  • rap

  • r-b

  • psychedelic

  • pop-rock

  • pop

  • new-age

  • musicians

  • metal

  • melodic-metal

  • lounge

  • jazz-funk

  • jazz

  • index.php

  • house

  • hip-hop

  • heavy-metal

  • hard-rock

  • get.php

  • electronic

  • dubstep

  • drumbass

  • downtempo

  • disco

  • country

  • clubdance

  • classical

  • chillout

  • chanson

  • breakbeat

  • blues

  • ambient

  • alternative-rock