Own Your Words

MeBWmediaA couple of years ago there was a nasty anonymous blog making waves in Meaford. Much like the current blog that has surfaced during this election campaign, that blog had plenty of unkind, unsubstantiated things to say about members of Meaford council and of municipal staff.


The Sun Times ran a big story about it. They had contacted me because I had a blog that wasn't anonymous, and they wanted to come to my home, interview me, and take a photo for their story.


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Candidates Thumbing Nose at Sign Bylaw

signviolations225The Meaford Independent is on the hunt for candidates that are choosing to ignore the municipal bylaw regarding signs.


Bylaw 57-2004 has a section dealing specifically with election campaign signs and posters. The municipal Clerk has even posted an excerpt of the bylaw in the election section of the municipal website. Here is what it says:


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Early Thoughts on a Baker's Dozen of Council Candidates

MeBWmediaThe large number of candidates running campaigns for council seats poses a number of logistical problems when conducting an All Candidates meeting.


How do they all fit on one stage? How much time can be afforded each candidate for opening and closing statements? Who gets to answer questions asked by voters?


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Just Answer The Question Please

MeBWmediaThe Meaford and District Chamber of Commerce held the first of three All Candidates meetings that they have planned for this election season on Monday night.


Residents filled the Meaford & St. Vincent Community Centre for their chance to hear what the candidates for Mayor, Deputy Mayor and School Board had to say, and to ask any questions that might be on their minds.


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