Volunteers Make Communities Better

StephenVance 270There's something in the water in Meaford that produces fantastic volunteers. I began suspecting so not long after I moved to Meaford more than a dozen years ago.

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We Will Soon Know Who Will be on the Ballot in October

StephenVance 270As I was bouncing around town on Canada Day I ran into a number of folks who wanted to talk not of fireworks and maple leaves, but rather the upcoming municipal election.

Where are all the candidates?” was a common question asked of me by residents as they dabbed at beads of sweat on their foreheads.

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We're Not Perfect, But There's no Better Place to Live Than Canada

StephenVance 270This weekend we Meafordites will join our fellow countrymen and women in celebrating this fine nation of ours during Canada Day festivities.

While I've never considered myself to be an overly patriotic person, I have bounced around this beautiful blue ball we call home, and I can say with certainty that there's nowhere else I would rather live. With Canada Day approaching I've been thinking about some of the things I love about this country as well as some of the things that drive me nuts.

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Meaford Owes MP Miller a Thank You

StephenVance 270As frustrating as it was, the recent breakwall repair funding ordeal gave us a glimpse of how a democracy and elected representatives should work, and Meaford owes thanks to our local MP Larry Miller, who went to bat for the municipality when the federal government was refusing to honour their harbour lease agreement with the Municipality of Meaford, which required the federal government to fund such a repair.

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