Council Wise to Reconsider Use of Unexpected Grant Funding

StephenVance 270When council rejected staff recommendations for the use of $642,000 in unexpected grant funding from the province in favour of using the money to fund two infrastructure projects I understood what council was trying to do, but I was disappointed that they had passed on an opportunity to use the money for some important stuff that people don't generally like to see their tax dollars going toward. That council has changed course I think will be very beneficial in the long run.

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Join Baggy For This Weekend's Community-Wide Spring Clean-up

StephenVance 270Mother Nature didn't cooperate for the 10th Annual Memorial Park Earth Week Clean-up. While last Sunday was a bright and sunny day, snowfall and rain on Friday and Saturday made venturing into the park with its soft, soggy ground a less than great idea, so this weekend, we will try again along with the rest of the community for this Saturday's big Spring Clean-up organized by the Meaford Rotary Club.

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If Earth Week Efforts Are to Mean Anything Corporations Need to Put the Cause Before Profits

StephenVance 270For those who have a love for this planet and a desire to ensure that the conditions remain such that human life (along with all other life forms) can continue to thrive, Earth Day, and these days Earth Week, have become somewhat of a call to arms, but for many corporations, the very corporations who have a large helping hand in creating pollution, Earth Week has become just another event from which to profit.

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