Five Things Fatherhood Has Taught Me

StephenVance 270We learn a lot of lessons throughout life, and for many of us some of the most important life lessons take place once we've become parents. With Father's Day arriving this weekend, I took some time to reflect upon the lessons I have learned since becoming a father nearly 20 years ago.

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Thankfully There's No Party Politics in Municipal Elections

StephenVance 270The older I get, the less I like party politics, and this provincial election campaign has reminded me how thankful I am that we've had the sense in this province to keep party politics out of our municipal elections.

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Meaford's Financial Picture is Rosy, but the Infrastructure Nightmare Still Looms

StephenVance 270Everybody loves good news, and Meaford's council certainly had plenty of it during Monday's council meeting as the independent auditor presented her report on the 2017 financial statements. The good news is that Meaford is in better financial shape than we've been in years, but don't assume that will mean lower taxes, because as the auditor cautioned, we have a lot of infrastructure that is continuing to age and degrade, and it is going to take millions upon millions of dollars to ensure that our roads and bridges don't crumble beyond use, and that the pipes in the ground don't burst.

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Downtown Businesses Invaded – By Curious Schoolchildren

StephenVance 270Like many shops and offices in the downtown area, our office was invaded on Tuesday – invaded by throngs of children from SVE school who were getting a tour of local businesses to discover what they do and how they do it.

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