The Big Fall Weekend Marks the Start of a New Season in Meaford

StephenVance 270Autumn officially arrived on Saturday, but here in Meaford we all know that the actual arrival of the season that leads us into snowy winter months is when the scarecrows march through town with their kazoos and their straw hats en route to the Rotary Harbour Pavilion for a big party by the bay.

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It's Time For Voters to do Their Homework

StephenVance 270In some ways it's hard to believe that four full years have passed since the last Municipal Election Guide issue of our paper was on store shelves. But four years it has been indeed, and now we are facing another municipal election on October 22, and we are hoping our election guide with full profiles of all 16 candidates will be helpful to our readers as they decide who will get their votes next month.

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Final Stretch For This Term of Council

StephenVance 270After a break during the month of August, council members will return to the Chamber on Monday for the final stretch in their four year term. Municipal election day is October 22, and in December when the new council is sworn in, it will look different than it does currently.

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