A Fishing Ban is a Dumb Idea

StephenVance 540When I opened the agenda package last week for Monday's council meeting there were a number of important items on the agenda, and they were agenda items you'd expect to see – the 2018 municipal budget, a follow up to the concerns about RF water metres, an accessibility status report, and so on. But then my eyes caught sight of an agenda item I wasn't expecting to see – fishing restrictions.

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Dear Santa, It's That Time of Year...

StephenVance 540Hey Santa,

I guess it's that time of year once again, and while there won't be any Christmas tree or decorations in my home, for many in the community, this is a special time of year, and it's the time of year that I ask you for a few favours on behalf of my community.

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Community Newspapers on Life Support

StephenVance 540It was a crushing week for community newspapers in Ontario after two large corporations – Postmedia and TorStar swapped dozens of papers in their portfolios only to shut them down virtually immediately. Some have suggested that we at The Independent must be thrilled that our local competition, the Meaford Express, is one of the victims of the deal, but nothing could be further from the truth.

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Before You Say No to New Hires Approved by Council, Ask Yourself This: Do We Want Our Roads & Bridges Fixed or Not?

StephenVance 540One thing that has been made perfectly clear to me since moving to this fine community a dozen years ago is that there's a small but vocal segment of the community that is prone to losing their minds if the municipality hires a staff member. I've always thought it a bit strange, given that this town is starved for jobs, especially good jobs with good pay and benefits, but it seems that for some, keeping the municipal staff as small as possible is a priority. Those folks will no doubt be concerned about council's decision on Monday to hire two new employees, but before anyone goes off half-cocked with complaints, I would ask: do we want our roads and bridges fixed or not?

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