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Many Challenges to Face With COVID-19 Precautions


The times they are a changin',” Bob Dylan's words can so easily be applied to today's pandemic crisis, and it is difficult for many to accept change - but we must face it or lose touch with the reality of our vulnerability and our inter-connectedness.

We live in a rural community with a significantly high percentage of senior citizens. There are still areas of our community which do not have high speed internet. Are these two factors reason enough for people to expect others to put themselves at risk to help us manage unnecessary tasks? I don't think so, but according to several front-line branch banking personnel, many of our community members do think this way, and do expect personalized service to continue as if COVUD-19 did not exist.

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Not Everyone Opposes Proposed Pumped Storage Facility


I wanted to thank my neighbour, Jim Hepple, for debunking many myths about the impact of the TCE proposed pumped storage facility in the March 6th issue of your paper.

As a property owner on Georgian Bay within sight of the Tank Range, I am not troubled about any potential negative impact of this project on the environment, knowing that there will be appropriate safeguards in place.

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COVID-19 Has Done What Environmentalists Couldn't


This morning I was out walking in the farm country, looking at the beautiful blue early morning sky. From where I was, I could see at least 50km in all directions. What I didn’t see was vapour trails.

Seven months ago our federal election was about climate change and carbon taxes. Scientists and environmentalists have tried over the years to warn us about carbon and that we only have ten years. The NDP and Green wanted no more fossil fuels from the ground. Greta was tearful at the UN.

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