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The Future of Memorial Park


It’s over forty years now since our family immigrated from the Netherlands to Meaford.

It was in the spring and so it was not long before we discovered the striking beauty of the beach at Memorial Park. Since those early years, three generations of our family has and continues to build fond memories there; swimming to the Two Sisters, making sand castles, lying in the hot sun, collecting coloured beach-glass, and barbecuing burgers on the beach. Every year and all summer. And we have watched many other families from our community do the same.

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Library Fundraising Committee Thanks Meaford Businesses

Letter to the Editor,

The new Meaford Public Library Fundraising Committee members wish to express our appreciation to the businesses who took part in our May Meaford Business Challenge. As you are aware, we had the opportunity of matched donations up to $25,000 which could have translated into a $50,000 donation.

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Are Political Parties Protecting Our Personal Information?

Dear Editor,

With Canada’s election just around the corner, I’m concerned that our political parties are not protecting the personal information they gather from us. I believe that they should be made subject to Federal privacy laws. Political parties should follow the same rules companies have to – it’s only fair. Privacy matters regardless of who we vote for.

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