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Access to Public Washrooms a Struggle During Pandemic

Dear Editor,

We had an experience last weekend that our restaurants should learn from. We had to go to Cambridge for family reasons. After three hours on the road and handling dogs and heaven knows what, we needed a toilet and soap and water. We stopped at a fast food restaurant where food is eaten with hands. The washrooms were closed. There was NO PLACE to wash hands. There were not even napkins or vinegar to use. The chances of us going back to that place after the plague passes is nil.

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Greenbacks for Greenery


That is the title of an article from The Economist. It starts with "trying to solve one of renewables knottiest problems. Solar and wind power are intermittent, so green utility firms must store excess energy and release it when no sun shines or wind blows".

At the top of the solution list is water pumped storage. Greenbacks are flowing to this green solution.

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Support For New Library


I am a proud supporter of our new Meaford library. We should as a community embrace this beautiful facility. Yes we have many empty stores and struggling restaurants—victims of COVID-19 and financial exhaustion. It is a stressful time.

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