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Local Families Marking 50 Years of Golfing Together

Letter to the Editor:

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the folk festival called Woodstock. A lot of us will remember 50 years ago, being only a teenager then.

Well, for some families in the Meaford and Owen Sound communities, 50 years ago was the start of what has now become an annual event, focusing around the growth of families covering over two generations. Even more significant is the fact that this annual event was built on these families getting together each year to play golf. That’s right. Each and every year for over the last 49 years the House, Markle, Rowe, Bumstead, Cranney, Almond, Cowling, and Kingston descendents have been getting together in communities around Ontario to play golf.

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Drive Fore Teens Program Coming to End


In 2007 the Drive Fore Teens Golf Tournament was held for the first time to help fund the Winter Safe Driving Program. Over the past 12 years we have been fortunate to have had the support from many local residents and businesses, who have helped over 300 local high school students to participate in the Winter Safe Driving Program. The Pursuits Program at Georgian Bay Community School also has received financial support from the golf tournament over the years.

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Politicizing the Food Guide Simply Distracts From the Real Issue of Food Insecurity


Recent events in the news have raised the issue of re-doing Canada’s Food Guide. There is no need. The Food Guide is based on science and there was plenty of opportunity for all Canadians to take part in the open consultations. The evidence review for the new Food Guide began in 2013 and the consultation process began in 2016. Health Canada received almost 25,000 responses during this process. Evaluating the evidence, in an open and transparent process based on scientific merit, was a huge step forward in creating a guide that serves the health of the people, not select sectors.

This whole discussion is a distraction from the real issues affecting Canadians.

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