Wednesday, October 24, 2018


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Ms. Sparkhall got nearly everything wrong in her letter to the editor. Maybe it’s time the editorial board considered not printing letters where the basic facts are ignored in favor of urban myth. Would your paper publish a letter that started, “Since Canada’s founding in 1956, Communism has played an important role in Inuit culture”? I’m guessing not.

The mistakes are too numerous to address in whole, so I’ll just comment on the part that reads, "In particular, research has zeroed in on the adjuvants (immune boosters) in the vaccines like mercury, aluminum, fetal contaminants along with immunity extenders like peanut oil...think peanut allergies?” The writer doesn’t understand what adjuvants are. There is no elemental mercury or aluminum in vaccines. Aluminum salts are used as adjuvants, but in safe, minuscule doses. The “fetal contaminants” refer to DNA fragments, not tiny little fingers and toes.

Also, the claim that autism has climbed from 1:10,000 to 1:45 is nonsense. There was no autism spectrum in 1980. The writer is comparing apples to kumquats.

Please use discretion when deciding what to publish. That’s what editors are good at.

Ken Reibel, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Editor's Note: Much agreed. But I also believe that people are entitled to express themselves no matter if I agree with them or not.

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