You’ve got to be kidding.....

Still numb from figures as high as four million for a simple small town library, I now see an unbelievable seven million guesstimate.

Have we all gone insane? Are there not many better ways to spend this kind of money? Is there not already a library for students in our high school?

And what about the whole purpose of a library in times of a fast internet and computers and tablets and smartphones?

This is a prime piece of real estate, well, well worth the money. But what if we use that to build some terrific apartments and use the property taxes to finance a modest library rather than a Taj Mahal.

Can’t we get an MRI machine for this kind of money for our hospital? Where are our priorities?

Let us all put down that potent apple cider and reconsider what kind of example we are setting.

Walter Kuitert, Meaford

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