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So it seems we have finally decided to locate our new library in the old Foodland building, and early estimates are in. Now we begin to move into the zone at which municipalities and other bureaucracies truly excel – miscalculations and cost over-runs.

Apparently it should cost about 5.5 million dollars give or take. Hang on folks, there are still many more shoes to drop. Next thing you know, oops, we didn’t realize the electrical system needs a total upgrade. Never mind, a million should take care of that, and then oops we really should upgrade the entire water supply/sewer systems. Don’t worry that should come in at just under another million, and finally another oops, is that black mould we see?

This, unfortunately, is more or less what we expect and we may squawk a lot but we won’t be too surprised. This is not to mention the upgrades to the existing library building which remain somewhat vague at the moment. Let’s get over the first 10 million or so on the Foodland building, and then we’ll worry about it. I really hope the town gets iron-clad quotes from contractors and then holds their feet to the fire to come in on time and on budget.

I don’t argue the need for a new library, but I realize that this a far more sexy project than dull things like roads and bridges, and as such is much more attractive to town councils. Personally, I am resigned to a few years of unpleasant surprises and huge arguments on the subject, but let’s not forget that infrastructure.

David Blackburn, Meaford

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