Thank you for standing up for the Moment of Reflection preceding Council meetings (The 3 Rs... Rants, Raves & Rumours in the March 15 print paper). We agree this is an important, if brief, ritual in our 'Era of Distraction'.

Humans are hard-wired for rituals, and they serve an important function, for better or for worse. (Gangs know this). Some rituals define the line between sacred and profane; others bind us in community.

We strongly believe in the meaningfulness of the civic ritual known as voting: showing up with your fellow citizens to mark your secret ballot.

Sadly, voting in our community is now an individual, disembodied act.

In protest, we will go to the Town Hall, in person, to cast our votes on the computers housed there.

We warmly invite your readers to join us.

Rosemary and Roland Gosselin, Thornbury

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