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The following letter has been sent to our council:

I am writing you with regards to your road situation in the Municipality of Meaford. You have established bridge weight limits throughout all parts of the municipality that virtually shut down all vehicular transportation in our municipality.

As a commercial vehicle driver your new weight restrictions on bridges throughout the municipality do not allow me to drive my truck 'empty' across bridges, let alone with product on for customers.

How are our taxpayers to support their businesses (family) and get product in and out of their premises with the constrictions that you are placing on us all. This is ridiculous.

If you can tell me how to deliver product to my clients under these conditions please contact me so I can do my job.

This letter is being forwarded to all Meaford municipal councillors, Meaford Independent, Owen Sound Sun Times, Grey Bruce This Week, Rural Voice, MPP Bill Walker.

PS. You have virtually shut down 'all' businesses in the municipality of Meaford.

Yours truly,

Gary Shute, Bognor

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