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Who would have thought that I could absentmindedly leave a piece of equipment on a busy intersection one day and retrieve it two days later?

There are no words of gratitude strong enough to convey my thanks to Trevor Shaw, Mary and Geoff Solomon, and Connie and Bob Buckton, who helped me retrieve a piece of photography equipment that is as essential as it is of sentimental value.

I absentmindedly left my tripod on Sykes Street early morning - very early morning - on July 20. Mary Solomon posted a ‘lost and found’ bulletin on the Meaford Community Facebook page which led me to Connie who led me to Trevor who had spotted the tripod on the street, had given it shelter, and contacted Bob Buckton in hopes that Bob might know of someone missing a tripod.

The tripod legs are a newer design but the ball-head is vintage. It surpasses anything on the market today in strength and functionality. Besides, it holds a great deal of sentimental value in that it is a bequeath from the studio photographer who introduced me to photography.

All’s well that ends well, but I am indebted to Trevor, Mary, Geoff, Connie, and Bob.

Helen Solmes, Meaford

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