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TC Energy Responds to More Letters


I would like to thank Mark Bergen for his thoughtful comments, published Friday, Sept 18. Mark makes several comments that I would like to respond to and hopefully address some of his concerns.

Water turbidity and temperature:

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+ 5

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Hospital Gift Shop Has Reopened


The day has finally come, after exactly six months, the Hospital Gift Shop is OPEN. Come see for yourself, a few of our popular items are: greeting cards, boxed mugs, super smart purses in all sizes with scarves to match. All natural body creams locally sourced. Ladies' lingerie and men’s pyjamas, wind-chimes, handmade quilts, and handmade knitted items are filling up our shelves. Calendars for the coming year, toiletry items, and notions for unexpected overnight stays in hospital. Cash or cheque only but debit is coming.

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Resident Shares Letter to Minister Regarding Proposed Pumped Storage Facility


Please consider this letter that I sent to the Ministry of Resources and Forestry in the next edition of the Meaford Independent, 'Letters to the Editor'.

Dear Hon. John Yakabuski,

It is a year since we accidentally found out about the above project that was initiated in 2016. The 'Save Georgian Bay' team, the Georgian Bay Association, and the Nottawasaga Steelheaders have presented outstanding reports illustrating the environmental impact of this proposed project which will have a negative outcome on Georgian Bay. The purpose of this letter is to clarify the false publication of the TCE website which illustrates a forest under the proposed reservoir and dam when in fact there is a community that was established in the 1940s.

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