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Mayoral Candidate Jim McPherson Challenges Clumpus on Parks Bylaw Interpretation


It was written online in the Meaford Independent that Mayor Barb Clumpus believes By-law 2018-68 is being "deliberately misinterpreted by some candidates."

In response, I say it is impossible to misinterpret the intent of the Parks use bylaw as it is clearly stated in the recommendation: "It should be clear that the intent of the by-law is to prohibit use of all parks from November 1 to April 30."  There are a lot of issues with the new parks bylaw beyond closing the parks.  Please read the bylaw, By-law 2018-68.  It can be found on the site under the Council Portal, Agenda for Sept 24th.   Make up your own mind. 

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A Reader's Thoughts on the Upcoming Municipal Election


Congratulations and thank you to the citizens of our community who put their names forward to potentially serve as municipal politicians. As tax-paying citizens, we expect our democratically elected officials to represent our interests and dig deep for the personal courage and commitment to move our community ahead to where we agree it needs to go. Building a genuine, efficiently managed community is a significant public responsibility and not an easy task with the ever-changing nature of societal and economic needs.

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An open letter to the Residents of the Municipality of Meaford From Outgoing Councillor Mike Poetker

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

At the end of November 2018 I will no longer be a councillor to the people of this community. I shall remain as an advocate and ambassador to any that wish to visit or move here. As a lifelong resident I have enjoyed the Meaford Lifestyle, pace, and yes even the climate (mostly).

Eight years ago I put forward my name and intentions to seek election to represent you and this Municipality and you elected me. Twice. Thank you.

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