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We Have a Democratic Right to Lobby

Dear Editor,

Your statement, "I would encourage you to round up your neighbours, head to the next council meeting and demand a commitment" has been the accepted past practice of residents that want council to give them what they perceive as something that belongs to them or they want to remain the same. Unfortunately, you use the asphalt paving of Concession A as a singular example and make those residents that came before council as greedy and self-serving residents that own properties with high assessment values.

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Reader Wonders Why Public Meeting For Leith Beach Proposal Was Held


At the council meeting on Monday, June 10, a comment by a local resident and past owner of the Leith Beach property in question bears repeating: Why are we having this meeting? If the municipal park in question were Fred Raper park in the town of Meaford, the process would never have got to this point.

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Reader Would be Thankful For a Tar & Chip Road Surface


I’m glad the vote to asphalt Concession A was recorded. Now I’ll know who not to vote for next time around. Those five councillors should be ashamed of themselves for going against established guidelines and staff recommendations.

Hell, I’d be thankful for tar and chip versus the pothole strewn gravel road I live on.

David Rose, Meaford

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