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Reader Supports Vickers's Bid For Conservative Nomination

Dear Editor,

When it comes right down to it, it seems we all have something in common, an inability to know exactly what is going to happen ten years, one year, one week from now. I am sure that had Paul Vickers known that Larry Miller was going to announce he was stepping down, he would not have let his name stand for council.

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Thoughts on Municipal Budget

Dear Editor,

After reading your reporting of council's budget deliberations, it is appears that staff are holding fast at 4.06% increase in residential taxes. Any further reduction would impact services, but staff didn't say what services. However, each year staff announces an annual surplus, usually more than $500,000. I would suggest, that budget deliberations are well into the first quarter of the year. Staff should have a fairly good estimate the size of the annual 2018 surplus.

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Students Encouraged to Protest Outdated Sex Education Curriculum


I’m sure that steps will be taken to resist any implementation of Doug Ford’s outdated sex education curriculum . To the students who might have to endure such an inadequate program I offer a suggestion as to how you can oppose it. Just walk out when the the material is being taught. True. It will take some organizing but it can be done. Even better, after you have walked out, march in front of the school while the 'sex ed' is being taught.

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