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Leith Beach Request Opposed by Resident


RE: Land Transfer Request and Zoning Amendment of Plan 271 Part Lot 1, Plan 549 Part Lot 72, RP 16R4962Parts 1 and Part 2, Part Road Allowance and Municipal Lands – “Leith Beach”

Our family has lived here sixty years and I am surprised to learn another attempt is being made to construct a new restaurant at this location when this endeavour has failed several times over the past many years. This area does not appear to attract customers to the restaurant business.

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Reader Agrees With Ken Risk Letter Regarding Memorial Park


Before moving to Meaford in 2010 we would come to Meaford to camp. We especially liked the waterfront sites. In fact, Memorial Park is partly what drew us to move to Meaford after retirement. As a local resident and taxpayer, we still enjoy the beach, the picnic shelters, and campgrounds.

I do like natural areas but not at the expense of the camping part of the park.

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Concern About Land Transfer Request & Zoning Amendment Application For Leith Beach


In the village of Leith we have a very small gem called Leith Beach. It has been a publicly owned park for possibly 70 years, and we now have been notified that there is a survey and plan to re-zone the parcel, and to sell approximately 75 percent of the land for the profit and benefit of one individual. His plan is to demolish his current residence adjacent to the park, buy the land from the municipality, and construct a three-story building to be a pub/restaurant—with living quarters in it. He will privately own most of what is now public parking area, leaving park visitors with a single small driveway and few parking spots.

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