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TC Energy Responds to More Letters to the Editor


I would like to thank Stephen Carr for his letter, published in the October 2, 2020 edition of your paper, and for his continued interest in our proposed pumped hydro storage project at Meaford. He raises a number of considerations that I would like to address and clarify.

1. Electricity Exports to the United States and CO2 Emission Reductions:

Stephen states that Ontario’s surplus electricity is exported to neighbouring utilities that use a component of coal in their electricity generation processes. This is not entirely correct. New York closed its last coal plant this year and Michigan has committed to a phaseout of all its coal fleet by 2040.

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Ranked Ballot vs Proportional Representation

Dear Editor,

Your article 2022 Ballot to Include Question Regarding Ranked Choice Voting came to my attention today when it was posted to a Facebook group devoted to the discussion of Proportional Representation in Canada.

In it Municipal Clerk Matt Smith made references to proportional representation several times. Ranked Choice voting, when used to elect a mayor or individual ward councillors, does not lead to proportional representation. It is still winner-take-all system like our current system -- First Past the Post. Proportional Representation can only be used when electing representative bodies such as a town council or provincial legislature.

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Concern About Size of Municipal Staff


Thank you to the editor for realizing the difference between 'want' and 'need', a talent few people seem to have, even fewer on the Meaford staff. I attempted to present a case to council regarding the effect of our much higher taxes, mostly related to the actions of some council and staff, before being stopped by the mayor, informing me that 'disparaging comments towards council or staff are not permitted'. Translation: no criticism allowed.

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