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Reader Pleased to See Meaford Fly Pride Flag


We have lived in Meaford for over 25 years and always loved our town. We're proud to see Meaford make an active statement by flying the Pride Flag commemorating June as Pride month.

Many rural communities, like their urban counterparts, support progressive ideas around sexual orientation. We too embrace the core elements of life, sun, nature, and spirit as represented in the colours of the flag. Here's to Councillor Jaden Calvert and Mayor Barb Clumpus for your forward-thinking leadership in this new initiative.

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Reader Shares Thoughts on Electoral Issues


MP Miller is worried about two things:

1) Voter Identity - vouching

His argument that vouching voter identity is bad because voter turnout improved by 7% after vouching was outlawed by the Conservatives.

This is a bogus argument. An increase in voter turnout is more readily explained by the fact that more people turned out to vote for a government with a more positive and optimistic outlook. Tighter voter identity requirements had nothing to do with this.

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A Note of Thanks After Nearly Missing Bus to Concert


I feel the absolute need to write this letter about absolute kindness and compassion of the likes I have never experienced.

This took place about a month ago. My son who lives in Toronto surprised me with tickets to see Rod Stewart in concert. I decided that I would take the bus to Toronto and stay overnight and see the show. I went into the Country Side Dining & Motel in Meaford and purchased my ticket a few days before. The day I was to leave my husband dropped me off at the restaurant in the morning to catch the bus. I arrived about 10 or 15 minutes early. One of the patrons in the restaurant said that bus driver always came in to check for passengers. I decided I would have time to use the restroom so off I went.

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