Friday, October 19, 2018


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Above and Beyond the Call of Duty


On Friday, September 5, the residents of the Municipality of Meaford experienced a sever weather storm that created a number of difficulties for our residents. Many of us settled in for what looked like a dark, TV less evening due to a power outage.

My wife and I went through the standard procedure of digging out the candles, lighting them, picking our favourite cross word puzzle books and settling in to wait out the expected darkness. About 20 minutes after the power interruption we received a knock on our door. To our surprise and mild concern we were face to face with two OPP officers.

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Prudent Decision Should Not be Sold For $12,000

Dear Editor,

The following is an open letter to council:

The past is littered with examples of products and technologies that have been brought to market and later found to be harmful to humans, animals and the environment. Early evidence of harmful effects was ignored as our regulatory agencies  cast aside the "precautionary principle"  and replaced it with the "business friendly" principle.

The current flagpole cell tower proposal is a perfect example. We know that there are health risks with this technology. If we follow the "precautionary principle'' we do not require certainty that harm will be caused, only that there is enough evidence of risk that a prudent person will err on the side of caution. Clearly the prudent decision is to refuse the flagpole option and tell Rogers to wait for the newer, safer technology, as per Councilor Stevens' recent directive.

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Mayoral Candidate Submits Open Letter to The Municipality Of Meaford Council & Staff

Editor, the following is an open letter to the Municipality of Meaford, council and staff:

Municipal staff will be submitting a report to council at Monday’s Council Meeting of the Whole recommending Council pass a motion to Lease to Rogers Telecommunications the right to put a 91-foot Cell Tower in the harbour for 25 years. Staff, Rob Armstrong, Director of Building and Planning will be recommending that Municipality of Meaford sign a Lease with Rogers to put a 91-foot Cell Tower in the harbour, around 40ft from where The Farmers’ Market is held in the Rotary Pavilion. The Rogers lease is for 5 years with four extensions of 5 years for a total of 25 years, a $12,000 per year lease payment to the Municipality for the first 5 years, increased by 10% at every extension.

There have been numerous proposals to build cell towers in Meaford's neighbourhoods and they have all caused concern, with good reason. The ramifications would give any reasonable person concern.

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