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Thoughts on Blue Box Blues

Dear Editor,

Your May 17 editorial on recycling has the correct diagnosis.

Your prescription to solve the problem misses the elephant in the room.

Manufacturers operate on the profit motive. Maximum profit under existing rules.

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NDP Candidate Welcomes Liberal Candidate to the Race

Letter to the Editor:

I welcome Francesca Dobbyn, joining Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals, in the race to be elected MPP on June 7. While we both agree that Bill Walker’s Progressive Conservative promises to cut spending will cut our needed services, such as health care and education, it seems that our agreement ends there.

It is interesting that Dobbyn, known for fighting against hydro cut-offs in the winter, is now running for a party which has promised to install prepaid hydro meters that automatically shut down someone’s hydro – with no warning. Under the Liberals, hydro rates have skyrocketed by 300 per cent, 50 per cent under Kathleen Wynne’s leadership alone. Wynne sold off Hydro One – against the wishes of 80 per cent of Ontario families and to the severe detriment of our province. That is a revenue-generating public asset – one of the oldest in the province, and that money should be going to undo the damage done to our hospitals and schools by decades of Conservative and Liberal cuts. Instead – that revenue is lining the pockets of wealthy shareholders. Not exactly what folks bargained for the last time they voted Liberal.

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Concern About Posted Load Limits on Local Bridges


The following letter has been sent to our council:

I am writing you with regards to your road situation in the Municipality of Meaford. You have established bridge weight limits throughout all parts of the municipality that virtually shut down all vehicular transportation in our municipality.

As a commercial vehicle driver your new weight restrictions on bridges throughout the municipality do not allow me to drive my truck 'empty' across bridges, let alone with product on for customers.

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