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Is Meaford Being Properly Policed?

Dear Editor,

A few weeks ago in your RUMOURS section you commented on recurring rumours about the lack of OPP policing in the Town of Meaford. You stated that these rumours are baseless, and that we could rest assured that we were being policed very well.

Yes and NO.

I heard these rumours twice, each time from persons with intimate knowledge of the subject.

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Proportional Representation Would be More Than Nice


In his editorial “We’re Not Perfect, But There’s No Better Place To Live Than Canada” (June 29/18) Mr. Vance seems to include amongst the things he likes about Canada is the electoral system, although he believes that Proportional Representation would be a nice improvement. In addition he likes the ability of citizens to protest and hold our governments accountable.

I certainly can agree with him about the last two points, but not the first. Throughout my long life I have had to endure voting both federally and provincially under first-past-the-post, an undemocratic system that usually forms governments from a minority of electoral votes, assigning to another four year oblivion the wishes of a majority of voters.

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Canada Truly is an Amazing Place to Live


I wish to add a resounding endorsement to what you had to say about living in this country, especially the distinction between rights and privileges.

On July 17th at 2 p.m. I will celebrate 50 years to the minute since I arrived in this unbelievably blessed country and I fell in love with it immediately - a love affair that continues to this day.

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