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Hospital Auxiliary Thanks Community


The Meaford Hospital Auxiliary would like to thank everyone who donated time, talent and funds to make the fundraising Musical Variety Concert at the United Church on March 23rd an unqualified success. The goal, to cover the cost of furnishing the patient TV lounge, has been met.

Lesley Kenyon,


Meaford Hospital Auxiliary

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Thoughts on Infrastructure Funding

Dear Editor,

The March 22 edition was a particularly interesting one – great activities in the area by quilters, students, Maplepalooza, and others. Even some grant money from Queens Park.

The grant announcement gave me a warm and woozy feeling deep inside... somebody at QP actually cared... then reality set in and I wondered... It is provided by the MTO “Connecting Links Program”... for the Sykes Street bridge. Sykes Street on the east side of town is Ontario's Highway 26, and on the west side it is also Highway 26, truly a connecting link. A major Ontario highway going through our town. This bridge is a vital part of the provincial highway system and is built to provincial standards to carry heavy transport since our masters at QP tore out the railway. This indicates to me that it should be a total provincial responsibility to maintain. Why should our town staff have to spend expensive time and effort filling out grant applications?

In the editorial the editor asks residents to ask candidates in the upcoming provincial and federal elections about the lack of infrastructure funding for municipalities.

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Support For Moment of Reflection


Thank you for standing up for the Moment of Reflection preceding Council meetings (The 3 Rs... Rants, Raves & Rumours in the March 15 print paper). We agree this is an important, if brief, ritual in our 'Era of Distraction'.

Humans are hard-wired for rituals, and they serve an important function, for better or for worse. (Gangs know this). Some rituals define the line between sacred and profane; others bind us in community.

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