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Concern About Social Assistance Programs


Along with many Ontarians, I was disappointed to hear that the Government of Ontario made the unfortunate announcement that it will be terminating the Basic Income Pilot, as well as reducing the planned increase to Ontario's social assistance programs from 3 percent to 1.5 percent, meaning it will no longer coincide with inflation.

On August 1, the Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB) released the following:

Yesterday afternoon, the Government of Ontario announced its plans to terminate the Basic Income Pilot, as well as reduce the planned increase to Ontario’s social assistance programs by 50 percent. The Ontario Association of Food Banks is disappointed and alarmed by these unexpected changes and is concerned about the impact that it will have on low-income Ontarians.

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Thoughts on Mayoral Candidate

Dear Editor,

Ray McHugh is on record as saying he ran for mayor in 2014 "as a joke" (Owen Sound Sun Times--10/3/2015). This raises a question. Were the 1,069 people who voted for him in on the joke, or were they the punchline?


David Galbraith, Meaford

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Thankful For Recovery Of Photography Equipment


Who would have thought that I could absentmindedly leave a piece of equipment on a busy intersection one day and retrieve it two days later?

There are no words of gratitude strong enough to convey my thanks to Trevor Shaw, Mary and Geoff Solomon, and Connie and Bob Buckton, who helped me retrieve a piece of photography equipment that is as essential as it is of sentimental value.

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