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Reader Offers Thoughts on the Furor Over Modern Sex-Ed Curriculum


Let me see if I understand it correctly. A group of parents are opposed to the new sex-ed curriculum because they believe it does not conform to their values.

They are offered a choice. They can have their children not participate in the program. Problem solved.

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Reader Expresses Support For Mayoral Candidate


I am pleased that Ray McHugh is challenging our incumbent mayor for the office.

I was shocked that last year our mayor and deputy mayor could not express unanimous support at county council on some very important votes.

Ray’s extensive experience as a professional engineer and project manager will be a great asset to our community.

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A Boutique Hotel, Really?


A proposal for a 'Boutique Hotel' was presented by the developer to council at a public meeting on July 9. The location is on Boucher Street West, one property back from Sykes Street and, until it was unfortunately destroyed by fire, had been an occupied century home, similar to the homes in the rest of our quiet residential neighbourhood.

Very few details were available other than a rough pencil sketch of the site plan however the developer painted a glowing picture of a six-room 'Boutique' hotel. There would be no on site management but there would be a number to call if there was a problem. This would, of course, be a remote possibility because the rooms would be expensive, $200 to $300 per night on average, and would attract an upscale clientele.

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