Friday, September 21, 2018


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When Hawking & Carlin Agree


I thoroughly enjoyed your rant (The 3 Rs, November 16 print edition) and George Carlin quote regarding the “Save the Planet” sentiment. I was laughing out loud when I recalled a famous Stephen Hawking quote which speaks to the same issue in a more eloquent manner.

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Reader Seeking Witnesses to Damage to Car


My white Ford Focus was parked just outside Dollarama on the morning of Friday 18th about 11:00. When I returned to my car, I noticed a large dent in the hood of the car as though someone had sat on the car. Did anyone notice anything?

Karen Wilson, Meaford

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Does Meaford Have a History of Listening to the Vocal Minority?


Meaford council approves another financial disaster (new library).

Meaford has a history of listening to the vocal minority (the squeaky wheels get the grease) and making immature economic decisions (Meaford Hall example).

Council is letting the staff run the show and approves their recommendations with little thought or question.

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