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Never a Bad Time For a Debate

Dear Editor,

I wish to respond to your comments in 'This weeks rants', page 11 of The Meaford Independent March 15 issue (The 3 Rs... Rants, Raves & Rumours).

... so it is no surprise that current members of council aren't willing to participate in a public debate about a topic that is likely to be an election campaign issue. In short, I think it's too early for such a debate, and if those trying to organize it would consider waiting until after May 1 when candidates can file their nomination papers…”

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Thoughts on Planned Raking of Sauble Beach


No doubt you and many residents of Meaford Municipality are aware of the rising groundswell of opposition to the planned (heavy machine) raking of Sauble Beach by the Town of South Bruce Peninsula.

Those cautioning against this action are not just "Plover Lovers", although that's not a bad thing to be! The concerns are as much, if not more, based on an awareness and understanding of environmental interdependence and long term effects of human interference.

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Should Canadians Embrace a 'Canada First' Policy?


I have been doing a slow burn listening to Trump’s daily pronouncements regarding his America First, protectionist, and beggar (bludgeon) thy neighbour agenda.

It’s high time that Canadians embrace a Canada First policy by making a concerted effort to buy Canadian-made goods and services. If we can’t buy seasonal Canadian produce, let’s buy Mexican produce.

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