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Tipping Points And Labour Negotiations


As we read the reviews of the riots in Paris over higher taxes, and read of accounts of Facebook employees turning against their CEO, we are once again reminded of the fact that there are tipping points in corporations and similar points in governments, which, when reached, cause people to respond in unexpected ways.

As we view our own culture we realize that a significant percentage of employees today are part of the labour movement which is unionized. There is the expectation of always receiving more and more in any labour negotiations. Governments, which are stewards of the funds and resources of this society, often act as if there is no limit to such funds, and that they can use their taxation powers to cover any increased contract demands.

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Thoughts on the Future of Churches


Your point about the decline of churches (Rants, Raves & Rumours column, March 14 print edition) is well taken, and by and large it is true.

Although some churches are thriving and growing there is a general indifference across this country to the role of religion in people's lives. The fundamental cause is not hard to find because it echoes the trends throughout history.

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Betta Fish Article Appreciated


I want to commend The Meaford Independent for publishing the article from the Pet Expert on Proper Habitats for Betta Fish.

Also I commend Brandon Forder for writing it.

I am consumed by sympathy every time I walk into a pet store and see these wonderful intelligent fish on display in the tiny cubes and the tiny habitats that are being sold to go with them.

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