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Gone But Not Forgotten

ellis brothers540


December 24, 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of a tragic accident that took the lives of four young men, three of whom were brothers from Rocklyn. What started as a quick sight-seeing flight north of Port Arthur, Ontario (now Thunder Bay) ended in a nightmare for four families.

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Reader Offers Thoughts on Parks Use Bylaw


I hope that Meaford can take a deep breath.

I understand that it's very easy to get emotional about an issue like the park bylaw. Personally, I don't know if there is a better approach than the existing bylaw, and I'd like to hear more about the thinking behind it. But I understand that the entire process arose in response to complaints from Meaford residents.

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Mayoral Candidate Jim McPherson Challenges Clumpus on Parks Bylaw Interpretation


It was written online in the Meaford Independent that Mayor Barb Clumpus believes By-law 2018-68 is being "deliberately misinterpreted by some candidates."

In response, I say it is impossible to misinterpret the intent of the Parks use bylaw as it is clearly stated in the recommendation: "It should be clear that the intent of the by-law is to prohibit use of all parks from November 1 to April 30."  There are a lot of issues with the new parks bylaw beyond closing the parks.  Please read the bylaw, By-law 2018-68.  It can be found on the site under the Council Portal, Agenda for Sept 24th.   Make up your own mind. 

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