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There are a number of reasons why you may be considering purchasing new golf clubs.  If you are not happy or confident with your current putter, wedge or even your driver, then a new purchase might just be the answer.

I always recommend that you try before you buy. Most golf shops will lend you a putter to try out either on the practise green or on course. Drivers can also be 'test driven' on course as all that needs to be done is to put masking tape on the face to protect it from mishits.

If you lose a club and need to replace it, you can usually contact the manufacturer for a replacement club. If the model year is not too old clubs can usually be replaced. If you want to prevent your clubs from being misplaced or lost, I suggest that you put labels on all of your clubs with your name and phone number.

There often comes a time when one simply outgrows their current clubs. Juniors that have been using either a junior or women’s set eventually are ready for a full-length standard set of clubs. Again shop around to compare price and models. If you can take out a demo set from a local golf shop then you will be able to try before you buy.

It is important to keep up with technology as the new lines offer improved distance and accuracy over the older models. Always do your homework before you buy. Go online and look at product reviews and compare the features that different club manufacturers claim will help improve your game. Come up with a short list of brands that you would like to buy, and then simply find a demo set to play a round with. Most golf shops are brand specific and will have left- and right-handed clubs available in the brands that they sell.

The two best times to purchase new clubs are in the fall and early spring. Most of the major club manufacturers introduce their new lines at spring golf shows. In Canada there are usually shows in Toronto, London, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Montreal.

The best prices on new clubs are offered in the fall. Manufacturers are trying to clear out old inventory before they launch their new models. If you are patient and do your homework you can get yourself some great deals on 2015 brands. Again, don’t buy based on price alone. Always try the clubs before you buy them.

Most golf shops sell off their demo sets and demo clubs at the end of the season. Rental clubs are often replaced annually at many of your local clubs. If you want to get a great deal and some previously-used new clubs then this option may be for you.

If your budget simply will not allow you to buy now, then start saving up for new clubs in the spring. You might even be able to find that perfect set of clubs on line. Remember to do your homework first and if possible try before you buy to ensure that the club matches your swing.

Cameron Burechails (Teaching Professional) The Georgian Bay Golf Academy @Meaford Golf Club (705) 441-0865