Irish Mythen270True power inspires awe, and Irish Mythen packs a lot of it – lyrical, musical, and personal – into a relatively small frame. Mythen is a globetrotting troubadour – an Irish-born, contemporary Canadian folk artist who’s been amassing accolades and achievements across several continents over the years. She is a favorite at Mariposa Folk Fest – and she perfoms at Meaford Hall on Wednesday July 5 at 8pm.

By vote, the three most requested artists to return to Mariposa Folk Festival have been Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, and Irish Mythen according to Amy Mangan of the Mariposa Folk Festival

Her presence and charisma simply command attention, and regardless of where she takes the stage, she delivers a sonic and emotional experience that transcends language and location; that reaches the very core of what connects us. It’s an experience that, in recent years, has earned her spots performing alongside Rod Stewart, Gordon Lightfoot, and Lucinda Williams and billings on major festival stages the world over.

Irish Mythen draws her inspiration from all over. “It’s the people I’ve met, the colour and shape of the land, the fact that you spend much of this life alone on the road…” she shares, “All these things have crept into my songs.”

The whirlwind of opportunities she’s enjoyed since her last album release – from new places visited to some high-profile creative collaborations – has certainly informed her recent output.

I think it’s translated into a more mature form of writing,” the artist muses. “Much more about the sound and mood of the album. I’ll always be a wordsmith,” the accomplished lyricist adds, “but the other facets of my art have grown.”

Perhaps most significant of those other facets is her live show – an impactful and impressive tour-de-force that finds Irish combining her contemporary and catchy anthems with traditional tunes borrowed from her homeland. All are woven together with a signature blend of edgy humour and heartfelt storytelling while her presence and performance magnetically draw eyes and ears towards the small-statured powerhouse on stage.

I want them to feel like it was not just about the music, but an overall experience,” Irish says about what she hopes to deliver to her audience. “I love feeding off of crowd and interacting with them. That’s why I rarely have set lists; I like to see and feel the audience and give them what they want.”

Irish Mythen performs at Meaford Hall Arts & Cultural Centre on Wednesday July 5 at 8pm. Tickets start at $28, and are available online at, by phone 1-877-538-0463 or from the box office at 12 Nelson St E. Meaford.