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It's not often that a Swedish-born singer who now lives in Whitehorse finds themselves in Meaford, but that is where you will find Sarah MacDougall on March 20 when she opens for Newfoundland-based folk band The Once at Meaford Hall.

She has been described by the magazine Rootstime in Belgium as ‘One of the greatest talents of our era', and she was listed as the “2nd best gig” by the major UK newspaper The Independent. In her adopted country of Canada, MacDougall has found success as well: at one time she was the number one most-played artist on Canadian Galaxie Folk/Roots radio, and she has earned a Western Canadian Music Award. In her native Sweden, Swedish magazine Nöjesguiden declared her “One of Sweden’s best singer/songwriters”.

MacDougall recently released her third full length album, Grand Canyon, which includes a song performed in her native language, and those who attend the concert will be treated to her special blend of what she called in an interview with The Independent, “new wave folk”.

I would call my music new wave folk. My music on this album has been described to me as Kate Bush and The Postal Service meeting at a folk festival,” suggested MacDougall. “It's lyric-based, but it's also lush arrangements and a lot of textures.”

She says that she is looking forward to performing in Meaford Hall's opera house, and sharing her unique sounds with new audiences during her tour in support of Grand Canyon.

While she has had success in her young career, and has received critical acclaim, MacDougall is not a name known to many. When asked how she measures success, MacDougall's answer is simple – if she feels good about her work, that is success.

If I feel good about it, if I feel like I'm developing musically, and I'm surrounded by good people, and if I can pay the bills, at this point, that's what success is to me,” offered MacDougall.

Tickets for the March 20 performance of The Once, with Sarah MacDougall opening, can be purchased by visiting meafordhall.ca, or by visiting the box office at 12 Nelson St. E.