Monday, October 22, 2018


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The Meaford Hall and Culture Foundation (MHCF) presented a cheque for $1,050 to the Knights of Meaford hockey team, to be used as honoraria for the local artists who will sing the national anthem during this season’s 21 home games.

MHCF Director Community Outreach Joanne McKenzie presented the cheque to Knights' president and owner Sabine Chollet, preceding the Knights' first home game of the season on Thursday, October 12, against the Wiarton Schooners at the Meaford and St. Vincent Community Centre.

When Chris Scerri of Chris Scerri Presents was asked for his help in recruiting local artists to sing the anthem, he made a convincing argument in favour of an honorarium and turned to the MHCF for funding.

Artists of all ages put a lot of effort into honing their skills and I think there is value in what they do,” Scerri said. “The MHCF board recognized value in supporting local artists in the municipality.”

Thirteen-year-old Emma Wright was the first one of five or six artists that Scerri will schedule for the Knights' seasonal home games. She and her parents, Jen and Jeff Wright, have invested time and money in her voice training since she was four years old, initially with a local voice trainer and now with a trainer in Niagara Falls.

Wright welcomed the opportunity to perform for local audiences.

It always feels good to perform for audiences in the town where I am growing up,” she said. “It’s good experience for me.”

The Knights’ request for local artists to sing the anthem at home games fits the MHCF Community Outreach program, according to the program’s director, Joanne McKenzie.

The program is intended to support local artists,” she said. “This initiative is a good fit,” she said. “Keeping the funds within the community is good all around.”

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Joanne McKenzie, Meaford Hall and Culture Foundation (MHCF) Director of Community Outreach, presented a cheque for $1,050 to Knights of Meaford president and owner Sabine Chollet during the Knights' opening home game on October 12. The MHCF funds will be used as honoraria for local artists who will sing the national anthem during the Knights' 21 scheduled home games this season.

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